Cutting off contact with an evil person


Was married to someone that many people called “the devil” because they never met anyone so evil. I was a horribly emotionally abusive marriage. To make a long story short I had to cut off all contact in order to escape him. Towards the end the stress was so bad I had to be hospitalized for psychosis. I had auditory and visual hallucinations of demons attacking me and hearing the voice of the devil saying to kill myself. Now 4 years later after no contact I am doing great, living a peaceful life. But just recently I wanted to check on our dog as I miss him dearly so I contacted him through gmail. We started chatting online then last night I had a dream very similar to the psychosis where the demons said “she missed us!” and they started in to torment and kill me but I kept saying the hail Mary and our father prayers and this pushed them back. Anyways, this experience was VERY similar to my psychotic episode but it was a dream. I woke up and thought maybe just having even email contact with him has brought this evil to me so I smartened up and blocked him. Do you guys think its possible to be attacked by evil by being in contact with an evil person?


I think that the contact probably brought back memories, and kicked up that dream from your subconscious.

I can understand your concern for the dog, but isn’t there anyone else you could contact to ask about it? You did the right thing in cutting off all contact 4 years ago. I would never have reopened communication after all that.


After what you have done, I do not understand why you contacted him again.

As to your question, yes, it is possible. We can call it an ‘opening’. Like an umbrella, when there is a small opening, that part will not protect you against the rain. Sometimes by our action we can inadvertently create an opening to our defence against attack of the Evil One.


Well it is definitely possible your ex is evil and contact in any way should be avoided, these sort of things are not bound by mere the mere physical. It is also possible it is your subconscious reminding you to beware of the pain and suffering that that course of events led to. Either way it seems it is best that you stay well away as you have already done. It is probably impossible for us to tell which, an experienced priest may be able to. But you can safely pray for both your ex and the dog and trust God with their welfare…and incidentally, yours. As it seems like you have had a little warning that you should not go that way I’d count yourself warned and you acted wisely calling on Mary and praying to God. It can also happen that when we are progressing in spiritual life we are now and again tested like this in these ways so it may be simply progression towards or away from something so that we follow God’s lead, His path. Try not to worry and keep your eyes and heart firmly with God as you did and trust that God has got this and simply follow quietly along.


If he abused you, he is likely to be abusing the dog. Call your local humane society and tell them your concerns. You could also go directly to the humane officer, since they are generally a branch of the police. Definitely don’t contact him directly, since that brings up old demons.


Thanks everyone. I have gone back to my no contact rule. I have prayed to the Lord and asked Mary for help. I am feeling so much better now. I do believe that he is a narcissist. Def a psychopath. He is empty without empathy towards his victims of which I know im not the only one he has abused. I just put up with it more than the others. The dreams prob were warnings of the evil he is. Since I have returned to no contact the dreams have gone away and I am feeling renewed with God’s presence strong in my life. Thanks for all your support!


When you block this sort of influence out of your life, you can’t allow it to creep back in at all. I’m sorry you had to leave the dog, but you need to stay away from this person completely.


I have read my share of exorcism books -
And listened to Father Rippenger videos -

Demons - being activated through email exchange - wow !

“ Many people called him “ the devil “ - “
He sounds like serious bad news.
I’m glad you survived the ordeal !

Demons - ultimately - want to cause pain, suffering and death.
Keep saying your prayers, Holy water, Benedict medal, Holy Oil, Holy Salt, Rosary Beads.

Four years later - wow - good warning !
Keep being tough and noble and strong :innocent:


Well guys I did the right thing and blocked him. He works in computers and somehow managed to get around the block and chat with me on google. I told him i dont want to be in contact that i dont think its a good idea. I havnt heard back since. The hard thing is really the dog. I had a maltese and i never had kids. He was like my only child. I still cry over him to this day. Anyways, pray for me that I keep away from him.
He is exactly like a demon seagul you said demons want to cause pain (yes he did that) suffering (yes he did that) and death(I almost killed myself 5 times at the end of the relationship).
He doesnt seem to have a soul. No remorse. No guilt. I told him how he could try and fix the wrong he did to me but he didnt even try. No contact is the best for me.


You should be able to contact google support and report his circumvention. They might be able to help you out with re-blocking him.


Demons want to take us away from God. The pain is just to reach over the top.of our fortitude so we give in to despair and ultinately give up Christ. Pain and suffering here can also lead us back to God so the pain in not their purpose since they also know that many saints suffered and the martyrs suffered.
I think most of these people who are gates are just average dumb persons who have been fooled. The demons hope we hate the people and not the devil who manipulates them.
To the OP:
Pray for your ex that God enlightens him, and light candles for him for a.while. See if one day you will not just completely forget to think about him. And maybe God will straighten him out too who knows. Your target is to just go on with your life past this evil episode.
May God protect you and keep you safe!


Did you try to keep the dog when the relationship ended? Is there any way to get the dog back?


I tried with all my might there is no way

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