"Cyber Espionage": Researching Friends + Family All Over the Internet?

Sometimes I just like to lookup people/their online accounts I know on Google/the internet in general. I guess the main cause is because I’m bored and got nothing better to do. I have found people’s political affiliations and the like. Rarely I’ll find things that I really wish I never found.

Anyway, is it wrong to do this? This is something that confuses the heck outta me. :confused:

I don’t think it’s particularly anything to fret about, but I do wonder why you don’t occupy yourself with better activities.
Like volunteering somewhere or reading. :shrug:
You can see videos about the Catechism or Bishop Barron’s Videos on YouTube. They’re very good, and it seems you could learn from them. What you learn about random people is not very useful, but there are million ways you can learn and grow from good material online.

I think it becomes wrong if you’re looking at something that the person didn’t deliberately make public. So looking at someone’s Facebook page is fine: they chose to make that available to you. It’s not snooping.

If you’re hacking or doing something else that invades their privacy and looking at stuff they clearly meant to be private, then yeah, that’s wrong.

But as always, please see a priest to discuss scrupulosity. :slight_smile:

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