"Cyber War" by Richard A. Clarke (April 2010) HarperCollins Publishers

Richard Clarke worked in the White House under Reagan, Bush 1 and Clinton. He was appointed by Clinton as National Coordinator for Security, Infrastructure Protection, and Counterterrorism.

Page 57:

“One former government official told us that he suspects the Chinese wanted us to know that if we intervened in a Chinese conflict with Taiwan, the U.S. power grid would likely collapse.”

Page 73:

"The fifth internet vulnerability is the fact that it is one big network with a decentralized design. The designers of the internet did not want it to be controlled by governments…so they designed a system that placed a higher priority on decentralization than on security. The basic idea of the internet began to form in the early 1960s and the internet as we know it today is deeply imbued with the sensibilities and campus politics of that era. The internet…is the product of now aging hippies on the campuses of MIT, Stanford, and Berkeley.

Page 83:

“The U.S. military is no more capable of operating without the internet than Amazon.com would be. Logistics, command and control, fleet positioning, everything down to targeting, all rely on software and other internet-related technologies. And all of it is just as insecure as your home computer…”

Interesting and sobering stuff.

Interview with Richard Clarke on Rachel Maddow’s show. (BTW, the message is more important than the show host.)


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