Cycle length and safe days

I ask you who use NFP. How long is your period? And what days you have safe (say whether or not you include the days of your period). Thanks

Before I got pregnant for the first time, I had around 6 days of period.
But since my last one, it varries a lot from 5 days to 8 (or even more). The flow is also very different from one period to another. I cannot know before.

For myself, I consider only both extremities to be “green”. But I don’t chart religiousely, and I am not sure who to interpret my signs.
Signs of fertility (mucus and sensations) appears quickly after period, but I think it is something common.
But for me it stays for a long time.
For eg, this cycle, I am at 13 days of possible fertility. And it is not the end. Of course, I don’t think we can be fertile for so long time, but I don’t have enough information to know.

For periods, we can never include them in self observation, because they hide de mucus and sensation and because it’s too early for BBT. Some methods may offered on a day count if we are aware of the lenght of our cycles. But it is something to talk to an instructor and you know what chances you are willing to take.

For if we include periods on safe day, I think you ask too much for a public forum, as I am supposed you want to know what we do.
For myself, I have usually long yet verry irregular cycles, never had one less than 26 in my life, my belief it that it will never lead to a pregnancy.

Experiences of people of this forum will not trade proper formation and following of all the rules of your method. We can exchange, that’s all.

I realize you’re looking for information, but the answers of random people on the internet will be of no help to you in this matter. Every woman’s cycle is unique. Some women can get away with maybe a week or so of abstaining on “unsafe” days while other women may have only one week’s worth of “safe days” when abstinence isn’t necessary. And still others fall somewhere in between. Each woman’s own cycle also varies from one to the next due to stress and other factors. Also, special circumstances such as postpartum, breastfeeding, and pre-menopause can also cause variations. It is possible to get pregnant during menstruation, but it’s quite rare. The chances of it increase as a woman gets older and closer to menopause. It is up to each couple to discern whether they are willing to take the small chance of becoming pregnant by having relations during menstruation.

If you want to learn more about the actual methods of NFP, look into the Creighton Model System or the Marquette Method and get in touch with an instructor so you can properly learn your method of choice. In doing so, you will get in tune with your own cycle and will come to see how long your personal period of abstinence will generally be, which—keep in mind—will still vary.


You have already ask a simuilar topic two years ago and got many answers.

I am sorry that you are still struggling.

What is the goal with this thread?

Because we have to abstain 23 days for each cycle (cycle is 28 days). It is too hard, my husband is very frustrated.

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I am sorry that your couple is struggling with this reality.
You are not alone in this. Some couples are in the same boat.

Do you follow an actual method of self obervation (as opposed to day count?)
Do you have had a good formation? An avalaible instrustor?

Is your cycle always 28 days? How long is your shorter cycle ever?

Do you abstain until day 23 because you want to be extra safe or for another reason, such as difficulty with self oberservation or lack of formation?

If you don’t have enough formation or a real NFP method, It may be the first step. It may help you resolve some of your conjugal struggles.

Have you talked to your instructor?

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Have you made progress with your problems since your last post, or do you just given up?

God bless you.

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