Cycles after baby

When do you start wondering and send DH to the store for the multipack of pregnancy tests? :smiley:

I’ve exclusively breastfed all of the babies. After the first baby, cycles returned after 2 months. After my second child, I didn’t start cycling until he was 6 months old. The latest little one is almost six months old.

How long typically does it take for cycles to return and when do you get antsy? :shrug:

Well, if you are wanting to space babies, then start charting your fertility signs (if you can manage to take your temps each day that might give you a clue). If you aren’t avoiding more children, get those tests, I guess :stuck_out_tongue: I usually start charting around 4-6 months depending on the mucous signs I see.

God bless,

It depends on how strictly you are breastfeeding. That can delay ovulation for up to 2 years and longer in some cases, so its hard to know without going ahead and starting to chart.

It can vary widely from person to person… I suggest monitoring your fertility signs and temperature shifts…

I exclusively BF my boys too… and I was able to detect ovulation PRIOR to my first postpartum periods after both pregnancies… at 5 1/2 and 7 1/2 months after my pregnancies…

I am 8 months postpartum and exclusively breastfed for 6 months and then started adding small amounts of solid foods into Lily’s diet. STILL no return to my cycles. I never EVER thought I’d actually be WISHING to get my period back! It is so hard to do NFP when I am not good at interpreting the mucous. We are working with a Billing’s instructor, but it’s so confusing and scary (we need to avoid for now).


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