Cyclic threads

I’ve notice that in the Non-Catholic Religions Forums area we tend to cycle in intensity between various ecclesial communities. There is a surge in Mormon threads, that dies down and then its Muslim threads on the rise, followed by a slowing and the JW’s take center stage, then the next group.

Why this thread? I dunno I guess I was feeling a little like Captain Obvious tonight.

I am kind of glad. I have been picking up on things I never knew about before!

And when you see how many new members CAF gets daily, it is good for them to see things even if you have before.

I am telling you, its the place to come for cloth diaper discussions too. :rolleyes:

Every topic is talked about again and again. I did a quick search on Hell…
Something that I think about I guess, and guess what? Its talked about a fair bit too.

My husband was viewing some threads yesterday and he was like:eek: :confused: :shrug:

“These people think too much”:rolleyes:

I dont think he likes this kind of thing as much as I do.:blush:

Here is a thought - We print up some tracts and go thier houses

You know I have noticed that too. But since God created us as cyclical people, it does make sense that we follow it in apologetics.

I think one thread gets read and forwarded and gets a fire lit in someone so they come here to either express agreement or disagreement. I think for me, I sometimes forget that there are thousands of people who read here and never post. I think these cyclical threads are indicated by the presence of fairly new members.

Something lit a fire in them and got them posting here. But if they are non-Catholic they may have only the one topic they ever want to post on.

Well, it’s;) handy!! You just find the best possible answer to (fill in the group of your choice), and twenty more show up, and leave wondering, “gee,:confused: how did they know to say that??”

Or,of course,:eek: it could all be a Conspiracy!!!

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