Cyclone toll could hit 10,000 in Myanmar

YANGON, Myanmar - The death toll from the cyclone that ripped through Myanmar could reach 10,000, a top government minister said Monday.

Certainly, pray for these people, perhaps I can get to Mass today.

I believe Myanmar is actually Burma and renamed so by an unpopular and unjust dictatorship.

The images of the aftermath from this disaster reveals devastation, stressed people and sadness.
I’m praying for these poor souls.

They truly need our prayers - I heard on the news this morning that their government is vowing to block any outside aid. :frowning:


May God have mercy on all those who are suffering :gopray:

How horrible, beyond words, when I heard on the radio, Laura Bush, the first Lady is saying the Government could have warned people of the danger, of the cyclone I believe is the word I heard used.

The way our government warns people up and down the East coast.

Gosh, that is so awful! OK, I’m going to reveal how poor I am at keeping up with current events & foreign affairs, but is Myanmar also the place where all the Buddhist monks were protesting? Isn’t that the place that is under China’s rule, & they are being oppressed & arrested? Forgive me for my ignorance & asking such a dumb question… Prayers for all the people affected, & may God send this area countless extra angels to comfort the people & to assist the guardian angels that are there & working overtime.

Burma’s government seems to be open to outside aid, while remaining very suspicious of it.

Burma’s government has long closed its borders to foreign interference, and responded to a peaceful protest by Buddhist monks last September with a crackdown that killed at least 31 people.

However, the regime appealed to the United Nations for help on Monday after the official death toll soared overnight. The U.N. said it was prepared to grant up to $30 million in aid from its emergency response fund.

First lady Laura Bush said the U.S. government had rushed $250,000 to aid organizations operating in Burma. However, she said further aid could be delayed because Burma’s government, one of the world’s most isolationist military regimes, has not yet agreed to allow a U.S. disaster response team into the country.



:gopray2: :gopray2: :gopray2:

Now it is 100,000 that is feared dead. That makes Katrina look like a sprinkle. Please pray for these souls. And see what you can donate if possible aswell as telling others to donate too.

Lord have mercy. Praying for all affected, so devasting, so much death and destruction that could have been prevented.

Indeed some many lives could have been saved.

Feedthechildren is asking people to donate. If any of you are interested.

Its now in excess of 100 K. India warned the Burmese gov. 2 full days ahead of the storm hitting of its track and ferocity. The Burmese gov. is a military junta, and is not democratic. Its a mess. They are rejecting aid. Nice. Roanoker

They didn’t think of their own people, that is what I am thinking of, all of these poor souls. There is too much selfishness, thinking of oneself. Not thinking of others.

I don’t have a real idea as to who the government is or who they are supported by.

The country is Burma. No words can describe this tragedy.

50,000? This repeated over and over; but where was this figure stated in the story posted?

Where’s the 50,000 mentioned here? I didn’t see it in any story, we should think of these people.

They are now saying 100,000 plus.


Who is? I still cannot find a news link to these numbers.

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