Cyclone toll could hit 10,000 in Myanmar

By far the worst was the enormous surge that killed at least 300,000 people and possibly as many as a million in Bangladesh – then still East Pakistan – on Nov. 13, 1970. That tidal wave was triggered by an earlier cyclone in the Bay of Bengal.

The point is that those 100,000 deaths in Burma / Myanmar could have prevented by prompt evacuation of those folks.

Bangladesh/East Pakistan and the region in that area used to suffer enormous numbers of deaths. Then radar and satellite detection systems were installed and the massive deaths were reduced by allowing evacuation with the timely warnings.

ABC news on tv is where I first heard it then also at Feedthechilren.…disaster%20aid

Please also pray that thier horrible goverment will soon let the much needed aid in before it is too late.

The United States says it is still waiting for Burma’s military government to allow a U.S. military plane to deliver emergency aid to survivors of last week’s cyclone that killed more than 22,000 people.

Earlier Thursday, a spokesman for the U.S. embassy in Bangkok, said Burma had granted approval for the relief delivery, but later in the day approval for U.S. military C-130s loaded with relief goods was less certain.

The U.S. ambassador to Thailand, Eric John, says he does not know whether the decision was rescinded or if there was a miscommunication.

Yes, but that does not answer the question where the 50,000 figure comes that has been so repeated here? The link did not say that.

We need to think of these people.

[/FONT]500,000? Burma death toll ‘worse than Tsunami’…

[/FONT]UN halts aid after junta seizes supplies!** **

How terrible. May God do justice to this cruel goverment.

I saw an article in this morning’s paper that the Burmese government only allowed four planes in. They are afraid their the Burmese people might become “contaminated” by outside agitators.

Can’t make this stuff up.

Yet another government patterned after the North Korean model.


The people running Myammar have the moral code of a Somali warlord.

They have no ideology aside from greed and lust for power.

First of Three U.S. Flights Brings Relief Aid to Burma

The first U.S. military plane loaded with relief supplies arrived in Burma as members of Joint Task Force Caring Response prepared to dispatch two more relief flights to the cyclone-stricken region. Story | Video

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