Cypriot Bible

Okay, you scholars out there.

Does anyone believe that there was a “written” bible in Jesus’ time?

The latest news item says that a Cypriot Bible was found and was written in Syriac a dialect of the native language of Jesus.

Could this be authentic?:confused:

Here’s a guy blogging about it, which is the most info we really have at this point:

We sure hope it’s real, but so far we don’t really know. We don’t know what exactly is contained within this book.
We do have the Dead Sea Scrolls, as well as reports of Josephus and quotations from Jewish authors, that tell us what was normally considered important Scripture.

We will keep our eyes peeled to this discovery.

uh, yeah the entire canon of Hebrew Scripture

blog does not describe the content of the alleged manuscript, but the blogger is an OT scholar

It’ll be worth finding out more as it’s available, but just because this guy is an OT scholar doesn’t mean he’s the most reliable source. He might be, but remember what they call the guy that graduates at the bottom of his class from medical school: doctor, just like the one that graduates at the top of the class.

Whether this “Bible” turns out to be authentic or not, it’s like …debo said, we have other sources to rely on.

I was responding to OP who asks, was there a written bible in the time of Jesus, the article does not even describe the content of the alleged book

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