I was rather surprised listening to a Larry King (CNN) interview that he was going to be frozen after death. I believe he is Jewish but I had never thought about this until now. What is the Catholic Churches position? I would think that this would be a total rejection of God and all that do this would be damned to Hell.

I think people who believe in cryogenics are trying to cheat death in a way. What would be the point anyway? Even if it did “work” you would wake up to a totally different world , all of your loved ones would be dead…
Instead of spending all that money freezing yourself you could donate all of it to a charitable cause and actually make a difference:shrug:

The “point” is that they would be alive, again, assuming that it did work. As opposed to decaying in the earth.

Maybe the prospect of waking up to a changed world in which they were alone doesn’t bother some people as much as the expectation of turning into plantfood. IMNAAHO, anybody who is not afraid of death has not really thought about it.

I fully sympathize with those who choose cryogenics; although I would rather the Church did its job, in the the teaching of eternal life, such that our fellow sinners had a more stable hope than an extremely iffy scientific process. (You could pay all of the bills for decades and then if, like Michael Jackson, you die in conditions that call for autopsy, the whole thing becomes moot.)

I prefer to place my hope in our LORD. But the idea of my natural body being kept “on ice” rather than putrefying, does have a certain appeal to me. ICXC NIKA.

I can’t say this is objectively sinful. What I will say is I don’t need cryogenics to resurrect my body; the Lord Jesus Christ will at His return.

Ahh; but cryo customers may not want to wait that long:)

Why people seems to like physical boundaries, isn’t being a spiritual like Angels is much better.

No, because God created us to be a psychosomatic unity and His redemptive purpose includes both body and soul. While, at death, body and soul are separated until Christ’s return; that is not the normative state for man.

Wasn’t Walt Disney frozen?

From my point of view, a Christian who choses this is someone who lacks faith. They are trying to cover all possible bases, including the remote chance that they’ll be successfully revived and cured of whatever caused their demise.

I’m not surprised that Larry King would chose this.

It is understandable that someone who lacks faith would fear their own self-destruction. Most people have this fear to one extent or another.

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