Czech president links Europe attacks to migration wave


Czech president links Europe attacks to migration wave.


he seems like a wise man who learned from mistakes that other leaders made.


The Czech president is only partially identifying a current problem that is quite severe.

The larger problem is a terrorist organization that identifies itself as Islamic State - yet, Statehood (land) has yet to be denied. The land they occupy (as small as it may be) needs to free of these wicked inspirers of Islamic terrorism. The longer they are allowed to appear to control any spot of land – the longer they are a threat globally. Without land their so-called caliphate is dead in the water. This can and hopefully will change with stronger leadership.


I agree.


When you consider that after the Berlin attack, that Amis Amri was able to travel from Berlin to Chambery France to Turin and Milan Italy, I’d say Europe doesn’t look particularly safe from terror attacks.


NOPE! Maybe open borders not such a good idea.


It isn’t. Eastern Europe is much safer than Western Europe in that regard, however.


The perspective of Eastern vs. Western Europe on this whole affair is night and day.

There’s a reason why we’re not seeing terror attacks in the news in places like the Czech Republic, and they are glaringly obvious.


I agree. Eastern Europe has a different perspective on Muslim immigration and has been protecting the welfare of its culture and citizens. I think it boils down to common sense. Whereas Western Europe has lost control of the situation.


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