Czech Republic Elections

The Social Democrat political party in the Czech Republic is against ratifying the USA’s Star Wars Missile Defense System. The Czech elections are leaning toward a Social Democrat majority in their Senate. Even though the Czech’s lower house has most of the power to approve the radar, the Senate still must give its okay. If the Social Democrats win a majority, the radar will more than likely NOT be approved.

Also, at stake this election is the European Union’s presidency position. In January 2009, it is the Czech Republic’s turn to be president of the EU for six months. Will that EU president be a more socialistic breed? Or will the current conservative of the Republic get the job even though his party is taking a beating in the elections?

Now that the election has all but been concluded, Russia just today told the BBC that Russia never was planning on nuking Poland or the Czech Republic because of the planned radar. ‘That was a bunch of nonsense. Where did anyone get THAT idea?’

So… there is Japan, Israel, and Poland now all with the Star Wars radar. There is also a 5 million dollar study being done by the US to put, not radar, but nuclear weapons into orbit of the earth in conjunction with the earthly radar systems. The study wants to know if by doing this, could the USA suffer repercussions in any controlling technologies currently circling the earth. There are financial, communication, national defense and other various ‘centers’ of control coming from satellite hubs. If these were injured, plenty would be put into chaos…worldwide.

The study needs another 5 million dollars to be completed. Will our elections have an effect on the world situation in the near future? The answer is NO. Our elections will not affect the train that is already rolling. Neither USA party is or will be against the train. Once the study is completed, a few more billion dollars will be needed and three years time…star wars will be fully functional from space. Get ready to pony up that tax increase.

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