Czech Republic: Exiled nuns (Communist run Internment Camp for Catholic Nuns in Bila Voda, RCS)


Czech Republic: Exiled nuns

In the early 1950s, the Communist regime removed hundreds of Roman Catholic nuns from their convents and sent them to the village of Bílá Voda. For decades they were kept under close watch by security forces and could only practice their religion in secret.

Twenty-five years after Czechoslovakia’s "velvet revolution”, the village of Bílá Voda has decided to take on the legacy of the Communist past. The major is planning a museum devoted to the memory of the nuns who were banished there.

Nothing in the American News about this Communist run Internment Camp in Bílá Voda, Czechoslovakia for thousands of Catholic nuns from all over Communist occupied Czechoslovakia during the Cold War from the early 1950s to 1990.

In the video, they interview a former Czechoslovak Communist Party member who said he exploited the nuns as nannies and free child care for his children.

The nuns at the camp had to perform heavy labor like constructing buildings and were each given a cup to brush their teeth in and eat soup from. The biggest problem was water one nun said; the nuns were not given any pots or buckets from the Left Wing Extremists during their confinement at Bílá Voda.


It’s sad that Germany abandoned the Czechs and the slovaks by signing the treaty of non-agression against soviet advancements… Thus enabling the soviets to infiltrate these parts of Europe.(

"Klement Gottwald (an austrian-hungarian who became the leader of the communists in “Czechoslovakia”), became known for a speech he made in the Czechoslovak parliament in which he revealed the party’s aims: “We are the party of the Czechoslovak proletariat and our central is really Moscow. And we go to Moscow to learn, you know what? We go to learn from the Russian Bolsheviks how to wring your neck. And you know that the Russian Bolsheviks are masters in that… You will not laugh anymore!”[citation needed] In 1929 parliamentary election party gained 753 220 votes (10,2%, 4th place) and 30 mandates. In 1935 parliamentary election party held its 30 mandates with 849 495 votes (10,32%, 4th place)

The party was banned in October 1938,[4][5][6] but continued to exist as an underground organisation."


the order of sisters my aunt belongs to was founded by two nuns that were able to escape that country (and were very lucky as they would have been banished probably!)


Czeckoslovakia has suffered.
From the Munich agreement to the Nazi invasion, to the soviet-Nazi non-agression pact, to the Soviet invasion.

The people were betrayed many times over, and especially in the Munich agreement. Which was despicable. These people were sacrificed for peace. Then for revenge. Those who suffered were mostly Catholics.


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