Czech's got 100% mask usage in 10 days thru DIY effort

Czech Republic, through community effort, got to 100% mask usage in 10 days, nearly all thru home DIY effort.

They now have no growth in daily new covid-19 cases. (chart several posts below)

Not according to this:
Cases up over 185 yesterday.

information on making masks from Joann Fabric if anyone is interested.

I didn’t see anything there on determining the efficacy of the masks for trapping sub micron particles.

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It was a sewing tutorial not a research paper…


If the idea is to help advance safety, there should be care to make sure that safety is being advanced.
I woudl not be surprised if their attorneys shut this down.

Sorry but “growth” in new cases per day is a statistical concept, better take that stat class like i recommended :wink:
It doesn’t mean there are no new cases.

Maybe this chart will help you, on Czech new cases per day. They seem to have been flat on new cases for about a week.

Plenty of research showing efficacy with using masks, even DIY ones.
Heck, just stopping face touching when out, or catching a cough can make a juge difference.

The day-to -day additions are a bit noisy. But if you plot the conventional display of total cases over time, essentially integrating the chart you posted, you get this:

The deflection on the last point is a consequence of an early report The number for today at tthe link I gave is now up to 260. With that datum added the trend goes to 1729 on the final point, continuing the exponential growth. On a log scale, the data do show some flattening,

I know someone who is in a group each of whom is sewing face masks for use by others here in the US. JoAnne Fabric is apparently giving out free kits for this endeavor:

I wanted to join my sister in this and when I went to the local shop, there was only one elastic round of anything near the right size for sale!

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you are deflecting again, you just luv showing those raw scary numbers.

It’s the rate of increase in new cases that is indicative. Here it is again, notice how it stopped increasing?

I am plotting in the conventional way. These differentiated data are noisy. Even in the presence of modest noise a daily increase of say 20% can be a bit subtle. And there is no indication whatsoever that growth has stopped. The conventional representation of the data, however, clearly shows the continuing exponential growth.

The numbers are what they are.

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