DA’s Office Drops Charges On 59 Rioters In Portland, Including Suspected Felony Arsonist

Same thing happens in Boston. The DA is a way left of center and does not prosecute anyone except for murder.

So more riots, more destruction of property is where Portland is headed.

As long as Portlanders don’t mind this and our tax dollars don’t bail them out, it remains a local issue.

So Portland chooses to join Boston, St Louis, NYC and Minneapolis/St Paul, among others, in the ranks of cities that are becoming unattractive destinations for tourists, businesses and residents. Rather than work on the tax base to support their favored programs like pensions, etc., they’d rather work to destroy that tax base. Like this will end well.


It is incomprehensible to me that you could have downtown Portland destroyed the way it has, tens of millions of dollars in damage, and say, ‘Well, there’s no accountability for that,” explained Marquis.

I find this to be very sad. People are showing no respect for their city - or for themselves. Violence and crime are tolerated.
There’s no good reason that Portland is not a great city in our country, but instead people do not care enough - they do whatever they want.
It’s not their city alone. It belongs to our whole country and nobody should be allowed to destroy it like that.

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There is not much that can be done. It is democrat controlled city and so if the DA says no arrests, protesters take that as a minor slap on the wrist and go back to the same looting and destruction.

It is a mess and will stay that way until enough leave the city or demand better. Their council’s response has been to defund the police by 15 million, appoint a black police chief and do some prison reform.


Anarcho-tyranny, not exactly the optimal way to maintain the legitimacy of the state.

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