Da Vinci code author targets Masons as The Lost Symbol becomes bestseller - before it's even released

The latest book from Da Vinci Code author Dan Brown has already made it into the British bestsellers list - despite not being released yet. The controversial plot of his new novel, The Lost Symbol, has been one of the most guarded secrets in publishing history and is widely expected to focus on the mysterious Masons organisation. But experts have criticised the author for ‘twisting history’ in the new book, in which the first U.S. President George Washington is believed to be condemned as a traitor.

The latest book follows Brown’s two previous bestsellers Angels & Demons and The Da Vinci Code, which sparked outrage amongst the Catholic Church and Christian groups. Released tomorrow, The Lost Symbol includes a Scottish masonic symbol on the cover of its U.S. edition. It is believed to be based on the idea the Holy Grail was taken to Scotland in 1368 by a Scottish Knight Templar, Henry Sinclair - the grandfather of the man who built the Rosslyn Chapel. It features the symbol of the 33rd degree of the Scottish rite of Freemasonry, the highest rank within the craft in this country. But author Ashley Cowie, whose own book The Rosslyn Templar sheds new light on the chapel’s many secrets, has slammed Brown for writing ‘fiction not fact’ concerning the world-famous church.

Mr Cowie, 36, said: 'I think he will connect Scottish Freemasonry with George Washington. What if the symbol of the 33rd Rite is imprinted on whatever it is that’s in Washington’s coffin? 'The number 33 is very important in history, it was the age that Christ died, so perhaps he will tie in the bloodline again. 'Washington is about to be lambasted. The figurehead of American independence will be revealed as a traitor with something very important buried in his coffin with him. ‘Dan Brown is about to make a huge controversy because he knows it sells - he is going to create uproar in America.’

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Dan Brown believes his books are set in an alternative history. Now if only he could believe they are set in an alternative world. Than I could forgive him for so many mistakes and errors, like the dimensions of famous buildings. Every detail in a story is important, after all.

For history buffs here is a pic. of George Washington’s original tomb.

For history buffs here is picture of George Washington’s original tomb.

For those who like a little history here is a picture of George Washington’s original marble coffin. It was carved by my husbands, great, great grandfather. click on picture to enlarge.

i just bought dan brown’s new novel yesterday and started it last night. i find his books entertaining and interesting.

he started this book before he knew how popular the da vinci code would be. it has taken him a long time to finish the book.

anyhow, so far it is a page turner. i think he listened to the criticism he received on the da vinci code and he is careful to squash some of the conspiracy theories about the masons. of course, i am not an expert.

symbols were very important to ancient cultures and i do find his books interesting.
i like solving puzzles i guess.

I have to admire Dan Brown. His writing style is poor. His dialogs are preachy and stilted. His timelines are ridiculous (consider both Angel & Demons and DaVinci Code), and his use of historical events is misleading and confused. His plots are outlandish. But, by golly, he sells! And he sells! And publishers are overjoyed. Booksellers are swooning. And Target has the book on sale for under $20!

dan brown is good at creating a maze and leading the reader through it.

this book has some interesting facts about the architecture and buildings in D.C, - like the Rotunda.

i have seen several shows on tv about the free masons their history is fascinating.

so dan brown wants to write a book around the free masons and people want to read it.
it is already a bestseller so people obviously find the books entertaining.

Same MO. Find a group or organization with a long history about which there has been many misunderstandings and mysteries in the past and exploit them to create controversy and sell books.

I’m telling you, he’ll eventually do one on the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion.” If he were older, I’d suspect he wrote them in the first place.

The guy is a nothing but a profit-taking rabble rouser.

He’s also a very good entertainer who has produced books which have been enjoyed and appreciated by millions.

Please. I read Davinci cover to cover when it was nearly new. It’s no better than the Hardy Boys books I read when I was nine. He writes dime-a-dozen thrillers that make millions only because he knows how to stoke controversy.

i’m about 2/3 of the way through The Lost Symbol. i think it will make a great movie - for entertainment.

wish i had the time to sit down and finish the book right now, but i can’t. the action moves quickly it really keeps you guessing as to who is the good guy and who is the bad guy - apart from the obvious ones.

i am curious as to what dan brown will base his next work of fiction on.

it’s a fun read.

OK. He did not entertain you, yet he did entertain milllions of others. Now he is doing it again.

Dan Brown ought to be ashamed of writing the “Da Vinci Code”. I’m sure it led many people astray. :frowning:

There is no reason to limit ourselves to only what the gullible and stupid can comprehend.

I’d suggest the Catholic protestors should get most of the credit for the howling success of the book. They executed a brilliant marketing campaign for the book.

That book portrait the Masons as a evil society against the Christianity or as progressive humanist “good doers” ?

God Bless You !!!

so far i don’t see it as against christianity. i know it is popular to trash dan brown because of his book The Da Vinci Code, but he must be doing something right in order to sell so many books and people must enjoy his work.

there are a few things in this book that i don’t like, but i am anxious to see what is waiting to be revealed in the end. what the answer to the puzzle is.

Perhaps more precise to say that he titillated millions of others. Presumably you know the difference.

And he’s doing it again, this time at the expense of the Masons. I suppose we’re supposed to feel relieved now that he’s gone on to smear a DIFFERENT group.

so far i have seen no evidence of smearing.

Sure many were titilated, and millions were entertained. I certainly was entertained.

I note you read DaVinci cover to cover, even tough you thought it was on a par with the Hardy Boys. I enjoyed Frank,Joe, and Chet, too.

Actually, I suspect the Masons are smart enough to realize it is fiction.

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