Da Vinci Code sequel angers Vatican [and third "Robert Langdon adventure in pipeline"]

I was going to post this in Popular Media but since it’s under Catholic Living and I’m not Catholic I didn’t know if I was allowed to post in there.

I didn’t know a 3rd book in the series is in the works. Does anyone know more about this 3rd book?


"[The Vatican] made it clear from the start there would be no co-operation on their part, so we didn’t even bother asking their permission. So we had to apply our own filmic ingenuity, using all the technological advantages that film-makers have at their disposal.

“I feel very confident in saying that we’re able to take the audience on a very realistic and authentic journey behind the walls of the Vatican. But could we bring a film crew in and shoot? No.” . . .

“Dan apparently has another Robert Langdon adventure in the pipeline. Working on these stories has been a fascinating experience. There’s clearly an audience for them. I’m going to be reading that story with great curiousity.”

I didn’t know if I was allowed to post in there.

It may have been better in the popular media section. But if the mods feel it needs to be moved they will just move it.

And yes you are allowed to post there. :thumbsup: You just may not be able to offer very much in the area of Catholic living since your not Catholic.

I’m not Catholic

Why not?

I didn’t know a 3rd book in the series is in the works. Does anyone know more about this 3rd book?

I did not know there was going to be a third book either. It makes since though from Dan Brown’s position. The series makes money and writing is what he does, so why not write another book? I would probably give it a read, I read the other two. For no other reason just so I know what I am talking about when someone comes to me with, “This book has me questioning my faith.”

God bless


Why not?

I feel I know very little of the divine or whatever it is that my heart feels something for but which words fail to express. I have some ideas but no certainty about any of them so they seem but idle speculations. I haven’t yet found a religion that I would be comfortable in; and I’ve explored a lot from Catholicism to Scientology to Islam to Judaism etc. Someone posted something on Unitarian Universalists and I may look more into that. Any religion that has much of a creed wouldn’t work for me since my beliefs are uncertain and fluid.

When I worship though, I make use of music from the evangelical Christian faith. I don’t believe in the lyrics but music is a universal language and my heart is often one with it.

You might want to take a look at Deus Caritas Est, and listen to the song I Get On My Knees. It can help you in your search for God. :thumbsup:

The working title is The Solomon Key, other than that I haven’t been able to find much about it.


I am disappointed in the article writer, because I see nothing in the article that indicates the Vatican is angry over the movie Angels & Demons. All I see is one man’s statement and opinion. Nothing from the Vatican.

Thanks ruslan. I looked this up on wikipedia and apparently the third book does not touch on Catholicism. It’s focus is on the relationship between Freemasons and American political figures. Some speculate a connection to Mormons and Joseph Smith will be made.


The Solomon Key is also finished. Apparently ET broke that news just a few days ago

You’d think with how poorly the Da Vinci Code did they wouldn’t bother making the sequel into a movie.

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