Da vinci code?

is it a mortal sin to watch DA VINCI CODE?

I watched it when it came out in the cinema. I don’t think it’s a sin to watch it, but it could be inadvisable. If your faith is weak or you tend to be easily convinced to someone’s position then watching it could be dangerous to your faith. If your faith is strong and you know that it is fiction then whether you watch it is up to you. Though you might want to read Cracking the Da Vinci Code, it responds to the claims of the book very well.

Its not a sin to watch it but those with a weak faith should not because Dan Brown hates Christianity in general and Catholicism in particular and he will do anything to confuse and deceive us with lies.

Only if you consider it a sin to participate in calumny against the Lord’s Church. That is, after all, Dan Brown’s intent – to disparage the Church.

He will receive not one penny from my pocket nor one minute of my time. Same deal with Philip Pullman.

Before she knew what it was about, my wife wanted to read the book. I told her that that book was forbidden to enter under my roof. I then explained the what the book was about and she understood.

Knock yourself out, it’s just not a very good read though.

No, but it may put you on an albino monk assassin’s short list. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t think it’s intrinsically sinful to watch it. After all, many Catholic apologists sat through it in order to be able to comment upon it. But it could be sinful for some as we are bound not to endanger our faith with the things we watch/read/listen to.

Regardless, I wouldn’t recommend anyone watch it, particularly if they are prone to believing that there is even a seed of truth in anything that Dan Brown says.

Actually, I read it, and it’s one of the lamer “mystery novels” I’ve ever read. I had to see what all the hype was about, and “much ado about nothing” is the first thought that pops into mind. The posture that there actually were events such as a marriage between Jesus and Mary Magdalen, and that they had a daughter, yadda-yadda, was so preposterous it made Indiana Jones stories look like historical documentaries in comparison. In short, it was a rather stupidly written piece of fiction, and I had a hard time believing that church authorities would be alarmed over such a grade B novel.

Yes, I confessed reading it, and my confessor said that having to tolerate the truly sophomoric literary style (very heavy on foreshadowing, so that actual events were denouements,) in addition slosh through all the cliches the noncognoscenti hold about the Church, the Vatican, etc, was probably penance enough. Personally, after reading that, I doubt that anyone with the catechesis of a fourth grader would have their faith shaken by that piece of quasi religious and artless trash.

Save your time and money, get a good Tom Clancy read instead!

No it is not a sin, mortal or otherwise…It could be a near occasion of sin - even mortal sin…

Why do you want to watch it?


I love it! :thumbsup:

I never saw the movie, but I read the book.

Very poor writing and a poorer story. I agree with what Odile53 stated.

Of course not. It is fiction, pure and plain FICTION!

As an atheist, I agree with you and Odile53 completely.

It reads like an adventure fantasy gone wrong mixed in with some sort of treasure hunt. Just… terrible. I can’t imagine it shaking anyone’s faith.

If my (future) husband ever forbade i read a book i would slap him six ways from thursday. Books are writing not cyniade.

Yeah, I would have to agree with purplesunshine.

People are so afraid of silly things and make outrageous statements/demands of their spouse.

FWIW, I did not read the book “under my roof” either…I read it out on my deck one summer. :smiley:

No, but the intense intellectual agony you will suffer from watching a movie so bad would probably be penance enough if it were a mortal sin.

The book is atrocious, the movie about the same.

Go read the Lord of the Rings trilogy, it’s actually good writing, the movies are pretty good too

That’s why I watched it. I wanted to be able to defend against the stereotypes and misinformation, such as the assertion that the Church has an army of albino monks living in the basement of the vatican ready to blow away heretics and then do pennance with the cilice and self flageliation.


No, of course not. Even if it was, I would probably watch it anyway.

I agree with the first poster who said it might be inadvisable. I read it, though I would not recommend it to someone easily impressionable. The DaVinci Code is a piece of fiction, not a history book, and should be treated as nothing more.

The plot is entertaining, but not the sort of book you could read again and enjoy, and the character development and writing style were rubbish (IMHO). The movie was too long, too boring, and Tom Hanks’ hair was just wrong.

That’s fine, I’m not suggesting anyone else do the same. However, Dan Brown’s books are so blasphemous against Jesus and the Church that I do not want something like that in my house The satanic bible is just “writing”, as well as books on black magic and the occult. These types of writings can be cyanide for the soul. Saying that it is just fiction does not excuse the blasphemy.

Just stating my opinion, not trying to push my views on anyone else.

As I said in my post, once I explained what the book was about, she understood and agreed. It is way to negative of what Christianity stands for. Yes, it is fiction. No, I would not be persuaded to second guess my Catholicism if I read it or watched it. But, it is straight up blasphemy and I refuse to support Dan Brown’s sacrilegious atrocity. No, I am not “afraid of silly things”. However, blasphemy is not a “silly thing”.

So go ahead, mock and insult my opinion. That’s not what I’m here for, but if you feel the need…

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