Da Vinci Whoppers


The sad thing is that episodes like this show the magnitude of gullibility in our society. People can attempt to revise history, but history itself is not infinitely flexible. History is knowable. Many people nowadays seem to think that all of history was simply a result of vast conspiracies. They would rather be entertained by the Da Vinci Code than to delve into real history.


While I think that it is just silly nonsense remember that it is a work of fiction

I don’t know if trying to refute it calls undue attention to it or not.

There was something about this o Dateline NBC a few weeks ago (yeah I know, I know…I usually don’t watch it but my fiancée likes to watch it and I like to watch her so……)

Anyway on the program the eventually said the it was all just a load of whooie but they did it in this pseudo dramatic drawn out way that a casual view or someone who didn’t see the whole segment might think that it was true.


Hello All,

It has been a part of Catholic Eschatology that there would be a great apostacy that will lead many astray in the Last Days. It seems every generation has a great heresy. The Baby Boomers had heterdoxy, and now Generation X has the Da Vinci Code. What made Protestantism so inticing was that is seemed so logical. Sola Fide and Sola Scritura seemed so much more “Biblical” than “Romanism”. Because the Da vinci Code provides such a compeling view of History and theology, may buy into the falsehood. I’m glad Catholic Answers and Ignatius Press have done their part to quence the flame that Dan Browns book has started.

As for “Coast to Coast AM” the show has a lot of good guests that counter balance the bad. George Noory has interviewd Father Andrew Wingate and Father Nicholas Grunner. Art Bell interviewed the late Father Malachi Martin. All these gentlemen had their positives and negatives. Father Wingate troubled me because he was a member of a Traditionalist Church and he promolgated a lot of unapproved private revelations. His predition about Pope jOhn Paul probably discredited him. Father Nicholas Grunner is problematic because of his harsh criticism of Vatican II and his insistance that the Consecration of Russia was not complete.
Of course Father Martin is dead and I would rather that Dead sleep.

So Coast To Coast has its problems, but it has a lot of good as well. Just last night, George Noory had a gentleman by the name Charles Coulombe who was a friend of Malachi Martin. Mr. Coulombe suprised me by his very Orthodox Catholic views about a whole host of issues. He defended Confession, he explained evil, and he answered the “suffering” argument against God’s existance. He even explained to a caller why Mormonism is unbelievable. So Coast to Coast has good and bad aspects. I prefer to concentrate on the Good.


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