Dad appeals girl's suspension over marijuana reference


Springfield News-Leader:

Dad appeals girl’s suspension over marijuana reference

A Buffalo man said his daughter was suspended from high school for more than half a year, he says for writing in a journal — later found by school officials — about experimenting with marijuana and thinking about bringing it to school.The superintendent of the Dallas County school district said that is “not the full story” but declined to provide any details, citing student privacy laws.

Tom Grayhorse said his daughter, Krystal, had never been in trouble before she was called into the office and suspended May 9. Originally, she was ousted for 10 days, but it was quickly extended through the end of the 2014 calendar year.

Unable to finish her junior year, her grades plummeted and she lost out on credits needed for graduation. Grayhorse hoped the district would reconsider, allowing her to return last month so she had a chance of graduating with her class in May.
“I was really frustrated,” he said last week. “I thought when school started, they’d wake up.”
Grayhorse, on behalf of his daughter, is appealing the length of the suspension. A closed-door hearing has been scheduled this evening with the Dallas County school board. It is unclear how quickly the board will make a decision.

Zero tolerance gone wild.
The authorities should have quit reading the diary once they realized it was a diary or journal. Even after that, the proper step wa to call in the family to them know she was writing about drug use and may be using drugs which is what they did at first.
But suspension is ridiculous.


I agree with you. Overreaction to the 9th degree.

Don’t be surprised if some here disagree with you, though.
Drugs are drugs, and pot is pot.

Many here are against teenagers smoking pot (don’t get me wrong—I am too), and feel that if suspension from school for the rest of the term will “straighten” her out, then so be it. Even though this is an excessive punishment and consequence.

And we do not even know if she was using drugs----she was never tested, and it apparently was part of an imaginary story------plus the father was never allowed to see the offending passages-----school got something to hide, maybe?:rolleyes::frowning:

Welcome to Obama’s totalitarian America.
I disagree with that, but that is the way it is.:shrug::blush:


Freedom of speech and freedom of the press are a rare commodity these days. I think the school also infringed on her right to privacy. Everything is that was right is now wrong. I do not condone drugs, but I think the punishment does not fit the crime. A teenager is a teenager and they will do stupid stuff.


But according to the article there is this statement so you wonder if there is more. They are having a hearing so hopefully it will be sorted out.

The superintendent of the Dallas County school district said that is “not the full story” but declined to provide any details, citing student privacy laws.


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