Dad as homeschool teacher?


Anyone know of a father (biological one) that is the homeschool teacher, with Mom working?


I know of a family where the dad homeschools and the mom works. In fact, she works with my dad and she is an engineer. They have 5 children, I think ranging from early teen to toddler. It works very well for them. I’m not an advocate of dads staying at home and moms working, but I think in different situations it works really well and maybe best. This is one of those situations. Very happy, Catholic family :).


What works for which family? There’s no law that says a husband can’t stay at home and homeschool.
You might try Homeschool Dads. You might also do a search and find some other resources.

When we homeschooled our children, Dad worked outside the home, but was in charge of Math (seeing how he did it for a living), History, and Science, esp. Chemistry and Physics. He also introduced them to Critical Thinking. I did anything related to language, grammar, reading, spelling, etc. Our grandchildren in our home go to Catholic school, but he also teaches them Critical Thinking, does Science projects on the cuff and plays math games.


I know a grandfather who homeschooled his grandchildren. He was a retired public school teacher, & I think it was great for everyone…He got to use his training for the family, & he taught up into his 90s.
The parents (of 2 of his children) both worked. It was a good fit for everyone.
So, why not a father?


Last year my hubby and I split the homeschooling. He did half the subjects while I was at work and I finished the other half when he was at work. I work mornings, he works afternoon.


Yep, I know a stay at home dad who homeschools their 3 kids while mom works full-time outside the home. It works great for them, and the kids are thriving. He is very active in organizing outings, field trips, etc. with other homeschooling parents (mostly moms) and has been welcomed without a problem.


I work full time and my dh has been a SAHD and now homeschool teacher for our 2 boys, age 4 and 6 (Pre-K and 1st grade).

It is working very well for our family. I am home two mornings per week and I often help with the schoolwork on those days. Since I also work late on those days, if my kids were in school I wouldn’t see them at all.

My dh is much more creative than I, and has a lot more energy and patience. I think he is a much better homeschool teacher than I would be. Homeschooling was originally his idea which I wholeheartedly support.



There is at least one family that fits this description in our group, as well. It works best for families that are dedicated to the endeavor.


Thank you all for your comments. I am currently the “breadwinner” and my wife stays home and cares for our three daughters (ages 3, 1.5 and 1.5). Long story short: I will be transferred in a few years to a place where I will be making less money (no more housing allowance) and things financially will get tough.

While I love my job and feel good about “being a man” by bringin’ home the bacon, I have experience in teaching and am quite good at it; in addition, my wife has quite a business acumen (which I completely lack and have no interest in trying to acquire); finally, like most homeschool parents, I am somewhat distrustful of the public school system and find myself feeling a little tug in the homeschool direction. I cannot yet discern whether this might be a “calling” but CAN already discern that I am not yet 100% comfortable with the idea of being the SAHD.

Lots of prayer coming my way!

Thank you all again for sharing your thoughts, and I’ll check out that link.


There’s at least three dads in our homeschool group who do the homeschooling. The dads seem to be very good at discipline and order. I’m pretty impressed with them.

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