Dad Speaks Out After Being Jailed for Saving Son’s Life


Dad Speaks Out After Being Jailed for Saving Son’s Life

A father who was released from jail after facing charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon says his actions were committed purely out of love.

George Pickering’s son had a history of seizures when he suffered a massive stroke in January and was put on life support at Tomball Regional Medical Center in Tomball, Tex… “[Doctors] were saying he was brain dead, he was a vegetable,” Pickering told KPRC. The hospital ordered that Pickering’s son, George Pickering III, be put on a “terminal wean,” which would slowly take him off all life-sustaining machines. They even began preparations for George III’s organ donation.

But Pickering says his son needed more time. “They were moving too fast. The hospital, the nurses, the doctors,” he said. “I knew if I had three or four hours that night that I would know whether George was brain dead.” The father told KPRC that he’d been through a similar situation with his son before, and that George III had recovered.

Desperate to save his son, Pickering took out a gun and allegedly threatened hospital staff. He was quickly disarmed by his other son, but Pickering, who admits he was drunk and aggressive, lied and claimed he had a second weapon. “At that point I had blinders on. All I knew I just needed to have this time with George,“ Pickering told KPRC.

For hours, Pickering was in a standoff with SWAT officers, who tried to get the father to surrender. But during that time, Pickering said he got signs that his son had life left in him. “During that three hours, George squeezed my hand three or four times on command,” Pickering said.

Eventually, Pickering surrendered, and spent 11 months in jail facing two charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Today, George III is alive and healthy, and Pickering was released this month with one charge dismissed and the other reduced. The father was given credit for time served. “There was a law broken, but it was broken for all the right reasons. I’m here now because of it,” George III told KPRC. “It was love.”

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There was a similar story but not this one from December 22nd which is now again being repeated via other news outlets. Not a story to be missed.


Great story. :thumbsup:


Good for that father.


Poor father…how desperating it must have been…


O my! Was the son an organ donor? That is why I would never be an organ donor; however, with the privacy laws, HIPPA, and all those, who is to tell if the organs are harvested against the patient’s wishes? I have read that it is more difficult to remove oneself from the “donors’ lists” because those go out, are on “data banks”, etc., and one must then have some other document in the wallet, filed with the primary care physician, person with the medical power of attorney, etc.

Now the question is: have the rules changed and one must opt out? Sure hope not! Does some one know?


So death panels do exist?


According to this article, yes.


I think its terrible he had to spend any time in jail for this, I have a feeling, if his story was more widely known, more of the public would have come out to support him and make sure he was not jailed.


He should stay behind bars for a long time as a domestic terrorist.


From the article:

“Physicians use their medical knowledge and experience to develop a patient’s plan of care and these actions save lives each day. When a patient’s condition makes them unable to participate in their own care, the appropriate substitute decision-maker has the right to decide whether or not they will move forward with a recommended care plan. However, that decision must be expressed in a way that does not endanger other patients or caregivers.“

He went to jail not because he acted to save his son’s life, but because his method of saving his son’s life was to threaten to take the lives of others. Had he acted to save the son’s life by simply rejecting the plan to take him off life support, he would not have gone to jail. I know that violence can be an acceptable option to protect one’s life, of the life of another, but it is hardly justifiable when the word “No” will accomplish the same thing, albeit this might need repeating over and over.


This was no panel. It was the recommendation of doctors that life support be removed. At least a panel would have bought time. I do not doubt that doctors might be overzealous in the collection of donated organs. Stories like this serve only to deter people from chancing organ donation lest they not be given a chance to survive in this sort of situation.


Oh, I don’t know about that. But a guy who “took out a gun and allegedly threatened hospital staff,” “admits he was drunk and aggressive,” and " claimed he had a second weapon" might actually be the kind of man who could be dangerous.

I’m sorry for his situation, really – as a parent, I know how scared he must have been. Maybe that’s why he was drunk. But I don’t think the police had much choice but to arrest him, and the local prosecutors would really have had to charge him.

Drunk, aggressive, and waving a gun around? There’s no excuse for that. Someone might have ended up dead.


I think that’s a bit harsh. I can only imagine if it was one of my loved ones and the Hospital gave me the finger and said they were going to remove life support when I could see there was obviously still much hope such as this case.

I would be absolutely furious and I would certainly contemplate something like what this guy did, I wouldn’t have been drunk and I would have thought it out a little bit better, but nevertheless I would have done something like that if I were in the father’s shoes. After all, it saved his son’s life apparently.

What the Hospital was doing, and considering he was an organ donor only exacerbates fears that there was corruption involved.

A situation where you would unplug life support and kill someone who in this case pulled through to a full recovery, is equivalent to murder by the Hospital, only done legally?

What the Hospital did by by-passing the father and trying to take his son off of life support (and especially considering his son survived) is unbelievable in my opinion and almost equivalent to murder, like I said, I can only imagine if it were one of my loved ones that people were trying to do that to on me.

I’m an organ donor, but stuff like this makes me worry, thank goodness I haven’t heard any instances of it in Australia and I think because the Health care system isn’t privatized here I am safer from this sort of thing.

Anyway EmperorNapoleon, imagine it was one of your loved ones, and especially considering they are alive today because of it, would you not be furious? The father should never have even been put in such a position, what did they expect? the father to just roll over a take it while they harvest his son who he can see still has life there and is not fully brain dead?

I hope this has helped

God Bless You

Thank you for reading


It was completely unnecessary like most things criminal. Hospitals require signed consent from next of kin to terminate life support. He could have declined to sign the papers and that would have been it. Instead he chose to toss booze down his gullet, grab a gun, and threaten to murder people.


I can’t imagine he would have gone to such an extreme if a simple ‘no’ (or even several no’s) would have sufficed.

I hope this has helped

God Bless You

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I simply cannot imagine, that he decided to down some boozes, grab a gun and hold up a hospital, when a simple signature would have sufficed, that makes no sense to me.

I hope this has helped

God Bless You

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Why not? Someone who combines alcohol and firearms, for any reason, is surely capable of some other stupidity. I understand the life of his son was of great value, but no more than the life of everyone else whose life he threatened to snuff out. He is no role model for the value of life.

And no, hospitals cannot just “pull the plug” against the wishes of next of kin. This man may have not know this and seen violence as his only option. Alcohol makes people pretty stupid.


Because at any moment, at any time, anyone could have simply said ‘Wish granted, just sign here’ or ‘We can’t do anything without your signature, your son is fine and no plans have been made to take him off of life support’ :confused:

Besides, without his signature, there should never have been any preparations to move forward with taking his son off of life support which is apparently what spurred him to act as he did.

That’s good.

I hope this has helped

God Bless

Thank you for reading


Most likely there were.things he could and should have done other than pull a gun - on his own family and staff who.had no part in the decision.

Get urgent orders from a court preventing the turning off of.the life support if necessary.

Can’t find any info on how long the son had been in hospital before the decision was made, but the article refers to him being slowly taken off life support. Sounds like there was time to come.up with a much more intelligent option than what he did.


I was an ICU nurse for 8 years and I don’t condone anything this man did. I’ve had my life threatened by family members twice before. Some boyfriend once said to me about his girlfriend “If she doesn’t pull through I’m coming to kill all of you.” He was banned from the hospital and His girlfriend pulled though.

Regarding the organ donation part of this story what many people don’t realize is that what the hospital did was notified the organ tissue donor donation line, the notification of this line is federal law. This does not mean that the hospital is actively making arrangements for this mans organ donation without families consent. What this line does is screen people for potential organ donation. As a nurse I am required to notify this line for terminally ill patients, pt being removed from life support, brain dead patients, and pt’s whose deaths that have already occurred. Every single person who comes into the hospital who fits this status regardless of whether or not they are a declared organ donor, the hospital is legally required to notify the organ tissue donor request line. And yes, I’ve even notified this line and even had pt’s pull through. The organ tissue donor agency can not legally take anyones organs without family’s consent in any circumstance…But as I said EVERYONE in the above situation, and especially in this situation of this story, is screened.

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