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Happy Halloween, everyone!

In another thread, I described how my father used to pretend to be a “monster” called “The Claw.” He would mess up his hair, grab his wrist, and chase my brother and me around the house, calling out in a spooky voice, “The Claw will get you!”

We absolutely loved it! Both of us still remember it fondly.

In The Little House in the Big Woods (takes place in 1860), Laura Ingalls Wilder describes how her father would play “Mad Dog” with her and Mary. Pa would mess up his hair, get down on all fours, and chase the little girls around the house, growling like a mad dog.

So it seems that “Daddy Monsters” have been around for a while in families.

Do you have a memory of, or does your family currently do “Daddy Monsters?” Describe, please.


My current incarnation is as a tyrannosaurus. As dinosaurs are a big thing with my son, we will take turns being the meat eater. We also play it with puppets. He has a soft puppet he call tyrannie, although in the interest of nonviolence, tyrannie only eats hamburgers now days.


My Dad and Grandpa (who wear overalls) have a “Bibbie Monster”… A monster hand (or small fluffy toy) that hides under the bib of the overalls. My neice, now one and a half is constantly under attack from the “Bibbie Monster” every Sunday when we have family lunch :smiley:


My dad used to do the Incredible hulk-with his arms outstreched marching around the house-if he caught me I had to be spider man and squirm my way out of it. It was so much fun.

I love seeing my dad interact with my nephew, but he doesn’t do the hulk and spider man thing.


My Dad was a funny man! I hadn’t really thought of these things for years!

My Dad used to put on a coat backwards and then take a flashlight and hold it up to his face so he looked spooky and then chase us around the house. He also used to do a pretty good monkey impression, jumping around the room and up on the furniture -hilarious!

My Dad suffered miserably from psoriasis, to the point that it covered almost 100% of his body. One of his treatments was to cover himself in medication and wrap himself from head to toe in bandages (bless my dear Mother for being so patient to help him). When my son, his first grandchild, was young, it kind of scared him a little. So to keep him from getting scared, Dad would use his hands as puppets to entertain DS - he called them Beanie and Bennie. They would sit together for hours and talk to each other and to Grandpa’s hands!

I miss him…


My DH is the RED DRAGON! We had to stop though cause someone always gets hurt and its not always the kids:rolleyes:. He only comes out on special occasions. Actually when my DD broke her arm while falling out of bed we had to talk to DCFS becuase it must of sounded suspiciouse (obviousely) my daughter who was five at the time said sometimes Daddy hits me in the chest. She was refering to Red Dragon episodes, we felt it was better not to play like that anymore:o


I never had a Daddy Monster, but I am a Granny Monster. I pretend I’m a monster and chase the grandkids around the house, all the while making scary noises. I hide behind doors and walls and pop out at them. They love it. They run and squeal and scream and giggle, and then when I’m done and out of breath, they beg for more! Too much fun!:smiley:


I am the “Ickey” monster when playing with my niece and nephew… actually, they do call me Ickey because… well, it’s a long story, but I think it’s cute, and since my niece, who started calling me Ickey when she first starting talking at about 11 months old is 9 now, it’s stuck.

In any case, we’ll play outside after dark with flashlights… it’s sort of like a game of flashlight tag, except the Ickey monster is allergic to light so has to avoid the flashlight. Sometimes, Ickey monster will sneak around them and start “monstering” by tickling them until we (I from laughing so hard) pee on ourselves. I so wish that my knees weren’t so bad, because I can’t play that with them right now. Oh well, it keeps this former band nerd from having to be taught how to cheer from my niece… I’m allergic to cheering. :wink:


By chance is your dad lawyer that cannot tell the truth? :wink: j/k Jim Carey did the very same thing in “Liar, Liar”.


My dads favorite was “The coffee Monster”. He would tell us to get up in the morning and if we didn’t the “coffee monster” would come up and wake us up. This meant he was going to jump on the bed like a belly flop in the pool . My sister and i learned to get out of bed when we heard him coming up the stairs. Not sure were the nickname “Coffee monster” came from but i think its because my dad loved coffee…

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