Daddy returns in time for Father’s Day

Daddy returns in time for Father’s Day

FORT HOOD — Sgt. Justin Mosier returned to his wife and daughter just after Father’s Day started early Sunday morning.

Lydia and almost-2-year-old Emmalee Mosier awaited his return outside of the 15th Sustainment Brigade’s headquarters at Fort Hood. Justin was one of more than 120 from the brigade who returned from Iraq this weekend.

The brigade, which is assigned to the 13th Sustainment Command, deployed to Iraq in September. Officials announced earlier this year that the brigade’s soldiers would return to Fort Hood several months ahead of schedule.

The first group, including Col. Larry Phelps and Command Sgt. Maj. Nathaniel Bartee, the brigade’s commander and senior noncommissioned officer, arrived in late May. Sunday’s arrival was the second.

This is Justin’s third deployment and the first he’s left home as a father.

Lydia did everything she could to remind Emmalee of Justin during the deployment. Emmalee had a Daddy Doll to hug when she needed it and Lydia often talked about Justin. It was a little confusing for Emmalee when Justin came home on leave in March and she had a “you are my doll” moment, Lydia said…

Wonderful story. Thanks for posting.

Your welcome we do need some good news on this thread once in awhile.

Hello! This newspage is about my family! My husband returned from Iraq on June 20, 2010. My daughter is Emmalee and I am Lydia. :slight_smile: So nice to see that this got passed around. It was a pretty special moment for us! :thumbsup:

Thank you and your family for the sacrifice you make for us; I understand.

Welcome to CAF. :wave:

Great to hear stories like this. I think we just have to remember and be grateful for all those fathers still out in Afghanistan and Iraq (although obviously us Brits have left Iraq :o )

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