Daddy Was Only a Donor

From the "Wall Street Journal", article by W. Bradford Wilcox,

"A new study paints a troubling portrait of children conceived by single mothers who chose insemination."

"Young adults with maverick moms and donor dads report a sense of confusion, loss and distress about their origins and identity, and about their inability to relate to their biological father and to his kin."

"Such a sense of loss may help explain why the study found that adult offspring of single-mothers-by-choice were 177% more likely to report having had trouble with drugs and alcohol than children born to two biological parents. Perhaps in part because they did not enjoy the love, discipline and example of a flesh-and-blood father, young adults conceived through donor insemination to a single mother were also 146% more likely to report having been "in trouble with the law" before age 25."

". . . this study suggests two stubborn truths: Children long to know and be known by their biological fathers, and they are much more likely to thrive when they have their own father in their lives."

Independant mindeness is all well and good until people start enforcing it upon their children. To purposefully deprive a child of a family is tantamount abuse; what next - raising children in farms like animals?

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