Dads Denied

Yet even more evidence of the genesis as to why homes are Dad -less:
See here:

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And people were saying I was being cruel when I killed the men in the family and only kept women and children (yes it was mostly to use them as sex slaves but still)…

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there is nothing troll about this post?:confused:

Or…an exercise is in social awareness to a real issue.

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Actually it was addressed to a poster called “Hitler” who started and joined in a couple of crazy threads (to put it mildly), which were pulled out. When his post was removed it appeared that I was addressing the OP, I was not.


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I don’t think the courts are to blame for a lack of father involvement in some children’s lives. I think it is the way people are viewing relationships and marriage.

Half of marriages end in divorce, and many couples don’t even get married before they start having children. Children are a byproduct of these relationships, sometimes on purpose and sometimes not, but these non-standard relationships(and the attitudes that go with them) have no framework for long term involvement by fathers.

So, yes, courts are making final decisions for some people, but they got themselves in this position in the first place.

Yes it is quite true that the courts are not responsible for All Children All of the Time being fatherless.

However it can not be denied that a ‘Culture of bias against men’ is *rampant *in the legal system.

This does indeed account for an unaccetable (and fixable) number of Fatherless children.

A* Father should not have to lose his Children simply because his wife wants to divorce him.* This scenario has no doubt happened to good practicing Catholic men too, methinks.

I guess it’s how you define “fatherless”.

If you are not living with your father full time, are you fatherless?

:rolleyes: I think that the problem with your thinking is that you work off of the assumption that divorce happens because that’s what the woman wants. From there children live with their mothers because that’s what the woman wants. And of course, fathers eventually drop out of their children’s lives all together because that’s what the woman wants.

The more common scenario is that the woman spends years tracking down the man and begging him to be a father. But of course, why be responsible?

Women file for divorce most of the time.

And men have higher rates of infidelity, domestic abuse, and substance abuse. Men also tend to be the ones who leave the home. Women initiate marital counseling far more than men. Just because a woman files the paperwork does not mean that she is unilaterally ending a marriage out of nowhere.

Regarding infidelity I would like to point out that studies in non-Western societies show equal levels of infidelity. The difference may lie in society viewing men with multiple partners as “studs” and women with multiple partners as “sluts” leading to more men than women admitting it (or perhaps even causing a discrepancy in real incidence rates).

Regarding domestic abuse as it turns that while men tend to deal more physical damage due to tending to be bigger and stronger than women, women commit physical violence just as often as men and if you factor in psychological violence are actually the more violent sex. So put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Regarding substance abuse yes men are more likely to abuse substances, however this is partially due to psychological differences, societal expectations and coping mechanisms.

Nimzovik Responds.

I do not deny that some men do indeed initiate incorrect behavior. I accept the reality of this.

I am merely endeavoring to assure Society accepts the aberrant behavior of Females regarding these issues on an equal level. That is only right -right?

Of* course* you have a source for your assertions… yes?

Remember… as for the ‘Domestic’ abuse issues we have already shown an anti male bias on the part of the courts. Then there is the dynamic that men do not often report female abusiveness. Why is it when a woman slaps a man she is not hauled off to jail-eh? Why does Society view such **assaultive **behavior as acceptable?

Funny, I don’t think that anything you said is true. Women are arrested for assault for hitting their male partners. I have actually seen this happen in front of my eyes. And I’m not sure where you’re getting the idea that society views women beating up on their husbands as ok.

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