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Dads - - -

It is your moral DUTY to “educate” and “participate in the Spiritual Formation” of your Family. 2221
(It’s not the duty of your Priest or teachers)

Parents have the first responsiblity for the education of their children. Parents have a grave responsibility to give good example to their children. 2223
Whenever “GRAVE” is used in the CCC 2nd Ed., it is sinful if you do not.

Some things to think about, and then act upon.

Do you care about your eternal life, as well as your limited life on earth?
Do you care about the eternal life of your Family Members, Friends and Neighbors?
Is your time limited?

Are you Volunteering at your Church for Saturday or Sunday Mass for - Altar Server, Cantor, Eucharistic Minister, Lector, Usher, Greeter?
It’s a great way to do your duty of service and set an example for others, when your time is limited. (You are already at Mass anyway.)
If you have more time - Choir, RCIA teacher, or Deacon (Holy Orders) is something to consider.

For you Fathers, Step-fathers, and Foster Fathers, are you setting the proper leadership example for your own Family regarding taking your family to - weekly Mass, monthly Confession, daily family Rosaries, and evening bedtime prayers?

Your living example will influence your Sons’ and Daughters’ lives more than you can imagine. It will not only last your lifetime, but be passed on through your Children to your Grandchildren.

Depending on the age of your Sons, you could be Altar servers together.

Happy Father’s Day.
You have a most important and holy role in the Family.
Please live up to your responsibility as the head of the Family - Protector and Spirtual Leader.


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