Daily chaplets and sickness

Okay folks. Earlier I developed a bad cought so I took some syrup. One issue. Wrong bottle I took a massive does of the wrong syrup.

I cant focos to do Rosaries, Divine mercy, or St. Michael chaplet…

If I’m unable to do them today will I negate the benefits? Such as the promises of the Rosary an Divine Mercy. An the Angelic honor guard at communion plus the add of st. Michael at our death.

Don’t get superstitious. They’re not magic incantations, they’re prayers designed to bring you closer to God. And God is not like a vending machine. He sees your condition and loves you.


Less supertition an more along the lines of Discipline. Meh but your rite. This isn’t like those pagan rites I use to do. I wont be stripped of the benefits if I skip a day from being sick…

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