Daily communicate?

I posted this in another forum, I wasn’t sure which one I should though.

Me and my wife would like to try to attend mass everyday, I love mass and so does she. We have a 23 month old daughter so she would be going with us. Sometimes she gets restless in church and this past weekend someone actually had the nerve to openly complain while mass was going on. I’ve seen kids that don’t behave and my daughter is not one of them, we even have people come up to us after church explaining the mental problems of the lady that confronted us. My question is how important is it to bring my whole family to daily mass, and not just me go?

It’s totally at your discretion. Daily Mass attendance is laudable, but not required.

God Bless

Bilop is correct. It’s really up to you seeing as how daily Mass is not obligatory.

That said, I wouldn’t let one person’s comment affect my decision. Daily Mass is an awesome habit to have, and I think it’s great to see parents who bring up their children in an environment where it is “normal” to go to daily Mass.

I think you should keep doing it. That’s silly that anyone would complain about that, and the fact that other parishioners reassured you by explaining her condition shows there’s nothing wrong with what you’re doing.

A family that stays together, prays together. And going to daily mass is an excellent way to start off your family! :slight_smile:

Please encourage your wife to continue to attend with you. Having small children can be isolating, and mommies can use all the graces they can get!!!

One of the fondest memories I have is that of going to Mass or “Visits” (just visiting the Blessed Sacrament in the Tabernacle) with my parents. My earliest recollection go to the age of about two. At my church, no one complains about the children. They are our future!


To the OP: I don’t know what your parish is like, but in mine Mass during the week is a whole different ball game from Sunday Mass. I have found that those who attend on Sundays only to be far more critical and far less patient than those who attend daily. Because of this, at our Masses during the week parents with restless children are much more likely to get at least a sympathetic glance (or maybe even some help!) than be subjected to complaints. Maybe it’s like that in your parish as well.

Those graces in action! :slight_smile:

Another option is to attend, but to make use of a “crying room” if available. And find ways to make shorter visits with your daughter, so that she may come to appreciate being with God and not always find it so tedious.

The OP didn’t say her child was crying, just restless (probably vocalizing). I agree that an inconsolable baby should be taken out of Mass (and probably go home), but “crying rooms” are not just a place to send the undesirables (i.e. families with young children) in case they offend the easily offended.

Crying rooms are an addition to modern church buildings…often those same ones took out the artwork and put Jesus in a side room rather than have the Tabernacle as a focal point. No wonder people in those churches have time to be offended!

I think it is great that all of you go together and receive the blessings of Jesus as a family. Just keep it up.

May God bless and keep you. May God’s face shine on you. May God be kind to you and give you peace.

Thank you for that response, I can literally feel the Holy Spirit in me! I have one goal in life now, and that’s to become a saint. I am so grateful to be alive and have a healthy family!

Yes, but if the child is so active as to be a major disruption, it may be useful to do so for a short time out of respect for others, and then return. For example, if her shouts make it difficult to hear and take part in the liturgy. On the other hand, yes, if the persons in question are easily offended, then perhaps talk to the pastor and he may wish to form them better.

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