Daily Devotional/Meditation Book for Teen

I am newer to practicing my faith, and was curious if anyone had some recommendations for a book that may have scripture passages along with some meditations and how it relates to our life. The bible is pretty difficult for me to understand, so making it more clear and relating it to my life would be awesome. Any help or guidance is greatly appreciated! Thank you!


Speaking from experience, I would recommend using the Bible. There is nothing better than taking the Word of God and doing Lectio Divina with it. “Lectio Divina” is Latin for “Divine Reading” and is a form of prayer with 4 parts to it. What happens is that you take 10 minutes of your day and you select a passage from the Bible, especially perhaps from the Gospels and you read it. Reading the passage several times slowly is the first step in Lectio Divina. The second step is you highlight, (mentally or physically) any words or phrases that “JUMPED OUT” at you. Then You begin to meditate. Meditation however should not be humming a mantras in yoga, but rather you begin to ask yourself and the Lord the reason why the words that JUMPED OUT at you JUMPED OUT at you. For e.g., If I am reading a passage about forgiving a neighbor and “forgiveness” is the word that jumps out at me, I ask myself the question why the word “forgiveness” struck me, and then I ask, is there someone I need to forgive in my life, perhaps myself or the Lord? then after doing this for a couple of minutes, You move to Praying with that. Basically, in your own words, you express to Jesus (Or the Father or the Holy Spirit, depending on whom you desire to address particularly in your prayer) what you think and if anything needs to be expressed such as forgiveness for e.g., then you express that. After praying with the words in your own words, you move to contemplation, which is basically just resting in the Presence of Jesus. There is nothing more to it other than just recognizing the Presence of Jesus (Or the Father or the Holy Spirit) and you “basking” in it, thanking Him for His Love and Mercy.

However, if I were to recommend a book such as you mention, I would recommend “A year with the Bible” by Mike Aquilina, available from St. Benedicts Press. (Go to www.tanbooks.com). **

Back when I was a teen, we didn’t have Amazon, and barely had a bookstore 30 minutes away. A great one, which I’m sure has been updated, is “If God Loves Me, Why Can’t I Get my Locker Open”, and the related books.

God bless you,

How about the Catholic Bible for Teens? It appears to contain devotional information for teens. I’ve seen Bibles like this before, and they do appear helpful:


I came across it just yesterday and thought of you when I did.

Hope you find the book you are looking for.


Thank you all for your suggestions! I greatly appreciate it!

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