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I am a new father. I am finding it dofficult to keep a consistent daily devotion. I used to pray the rosary daily. Thats not working the best right now. I have tried the three Hail Marys devotion. I have tried other devotions with promises attached but I am too lazy to keep it consistent. Right now the beat devotion is meditating on a scripture passage for 10 minutes a day and practicing deep breathing while meditating on scripture. Is this good enough? I just want to be consistent in my spiritual practices while receiving Our Lords promises.

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“Good enough?” What is “good enough” when it comes to the spiritual life? We will never pray perfectly. We might as well just pray as best we can. It’s better to pray badly than not at all. And remember, you’re serving God by living out your vocation as a father. Remember the words of St. Bernard: “He who prays and labors lifts his heart to God with his hands.” Whatever you can do most days is what you should do in terms of spiritual disciplines. Don’t worry about doing it super attentively, just do what you can and do it most days. God rewards us when we simply move our wills in his direction. It’s only important that we try, not that we’re experts at it.



Try to just say a decade of the Rosary at least.

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I would suggest that you try to keep with the rosary if you can. Something I’ve been doing lately is reciting it while I’m in the bath/shower or when I’m driving. That’s how I get it in most days.

Otherwise, something good to do would be to just go to the USCCB website, see what the daily readings are and read them.

As a new parent, especially if you are also working outside the home, you can only do what you can do. Be at peace and know that eventually you will get into a routine that works for you.

I have a rosary app on my phone that I’ll sometimes turn on while I get ready for work in the morning. It helps me to stay focused on the mysteries as the prayers are said, even if I can’t fully engage my mind in each prayer. Having “visuals” all around the house (little statues, or prayer cards, or artwork) also draw my mind to God as I move from room to room.

And when I’m really distracted, I just talk to God about my day, like a little girl chattering away to her dad about anything and everything that pops into her mind.

Be at peace.


Love your post, Gertabelle, we think alike
Reverend Father, as always, your wise priestly advice will be reassuring to anyone who has similar concerns (as the OP).

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