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This is a question that’s been baffling me for a while. I’m a practicing Catholic and have Bipolar Disorder with Psychotic Features. Many years ago I started seeing a priest for Spiritual Direction who told me that Daily Eucharist, or as often as possible, would help me because I would be receiving Jesus Christ. I did this for many years. Then I began to see a Priest who was also a psychiatric counselor who told me I should not go to daily mass, that for people with Bipolar Disorder too much or too little religion is bad. So I gave up daily mass, thinking that religiosity might be the reason. My psychotic experiences are very religious and very scary. Anyway, it’s been about three years and I don’t go to daily mass any more, but do say a daily Spiritual Communion prayer and a Rosary.

Which is right, daily Mass or moderation. I could also see that both viewpoints may be right.


Follow what your doctor says.

I’m praying for you.

I would consider daily mass a moderate amount of religion. It is certainly not anything extreme. You used to go yourself, did it seem extreme to you or did it seem quite moderate?

Which one worked better for you? That is the best way to judge.

Your spiritual director now is a psychiatric counselor, but he is not your medical doctor. I would recommned you talk to him again and discuss how you felt when you were attending daily Mass (did you feel comforted? calm or anxious? did you episodes increase or decrease?) and how you feel now.

We are not required to attend daily Mass, so you can decide not to go at all, to go occasionally, or to go as often as possible - all based on how it affects your emotional stability. If there had been no real difference, than you can do what you want.

I have the same mental condition as you. And I would have periods of good piety, such as attending daily Mass, and other times I would not attend daily Mass.

If you have a psychotherapist sensitive to your personal faith, you might discuss your religious practices with him/her.

Spiritual Communion is good, as well, and I am glad that you avail yourself of that. In daily Mass, we are able to join as a Christian community to offer with Father and our fellows the Sacrifice of the Mass.

The prophet, in Malichi 1:11, says, “For from the rising of the sun even unto the going down of the same my name shall be great among the Gentiles; and in every place incense shall be offered unto my name, and a pure offering: for my name shall be great among the heathen, saith the Lord of hosts.”

So the “problem” would not be attending daily Mass, in my opinion. The only thing important for someone in our shoes --your’s and mine-- is to make sure we are taking the necessary medication and not get out of balance or obnoxious in anything.

God bless you.

There is a wealth of other prayers you can do on a daily basis. Why not try those?

I really like your signature. God bless:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

Well, I am looking forward to hearing as many answers as possible to your question, OP. [size=][FONT=“Comic Sans MS”]Because I suffer from moderate to severe OCD which manifests itself as scrupulosity (fear of sin, of not making good confessions, of not receiving the Eucharist worthily, mistaking venial sin for mortal sin, etc.). I have gone to Daily Mass at least 3 times a week for two different periods of time. The first period of time that I was going, I had to stop b/c our pastor went on vacation for 3 weeks. By the time he came back, my OCD was out of control. My husband commented that he thought I was better when I was going to Daily Mass. So now I’ve been going again about 3 times a week for approximately 6 weeks. My OCD is much better. Coincidence? Perhaps. But it seems awfully strange to me. I read somewhere else on another message board (I can’t remember where now) that the Daily Eucharist helped heal someone from unwanted obsessive thoughts (I have those too). I’m not claiming to know more than your doctor or your priest by any means. But I’m just wondering how we really can go wrong receiving Jesus as often as possible. I read somewhere else that Jesus doesn’t guarantee physical healing, but He does guarantes spiritual healing, and I personally believe mental illness and spiritual illness are somehow intertwined. I’m NOT saying mental illness is not real…only that certain aspects of it may be intertwined with emotional and spiritual illness. [/FONT][/size]

Go to daily Mass. Receive Jesus. I have my own mental health problems, ( i cannot receive Sacrements yet) and if I could receive Jesus daily I would be at much more peace

There is only one spirit who wishes to seperate souls from the Eucharist. You must answer, do you trust in the power of the Holy Spirit to heal and strengthen souls through the life giving sacrament He instills? Jesus never said that souls should be deprived of His Body and Blood if they seek the Eucharist and its power to heal and protect them… Can you receive the Body and Blood of Christ apart from the mass, if that is the problem. as many do by accessing the Eucharistic through Eucharistic Ministers in hospitals?

With all due respect I do not think you can receive appropriate answers concerning your mental health at this forum. You would be strongly advised to consult your health care professionals and to follow their advice.

Jesus I Trust In You - Except when a psychiatrist tells me to seperate myself from You? A good Priest will help, we should turn toward what heals the spirit not away from It. Respect the Professional Health Care Provider, and their concern for your mental health, but realize they do not approach the issue in the same way a good priest would. Faith Matthew, what condition has the power to alienate us from the Eucharist?

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