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“In that day the deaf shall hear the words of a book, and out of their gloom and darkness the eyes of the blind shall see.” (Is. 29:18)

Are there any blind-spots in your life that keep you from recognizing God’s power and mercy?

[quote]When two blind men heard that Jesus was passing their way, they followed him and begged for his mercy. The word mercy

literally means “sorrowful at heart”.

But mercy is something more than compassion, or heartfelt sorrow at another’s misfortune. Compassion empathizes with the sufferer. But mercy goes further; it removes HERE



Once again, today’s Gospel places before us the encounter of Jesus with human misery. Jesus does not withdraw, he does not hide. He accepts the persons and in accepting them, full of tenderness, he reveals God’s love.

• Two blind men follow Jesus and cry out to him: “Son of David, have pity on us!”. Jesus did not like very much the title of Son of David. He criticizes the teaching of the Scribes who said that the Messiah should be the Son of David: “David himself calls him Lord: How then can he be his son?” (Ml 12, 37).


[quote]• Reaching home, Jesus asks the blind men: “Do you believe that I can do this?” And they answer: “Yes, Lord!” It is one thing to have the true doctrine in the head, and a very different thing to have the correct faith in the heart


. The doctrine of the two blind men was not too right, because they called Jesus Son of David. But Jesus does not care to be called like this, what is important to him is to have a correct faith.

• He touches the eyes and says: “May it be done to you according to your faith!” Immediately the eyes were opened. In spite of the fact that they did not possess a correct doctrine, the two blind men had a correct faith. Today many persons are more concerned about a correct doctrine than of a correct faith.

• It is good not to forget a small detail of hospitality. Jesus reaches the house and the two blind men also enter into the house, as if this was the most natural thing in the world. They feel at ease in Jesus’ house And today? A Religious Sister said: “Today the situation of the world is such that I feel mistrustful even toward the poor!” The situation has changed very much from then until now!

• Jesus asks not to diffuse the miracle. But the prohibition was not respected very much. Both of them went out and spread the Good News. To proclaim the Gospel, that is, the Good News, means to share with others the good which God does in our life.


• Do I have in my life some Good News from God to share with others?

• On which point do I insist more:
*] on a correct Doctrine
*]or on a correct faith?


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