Daily Gospel Meditation & Discussion - Thursday 4December 2008 - WHAT WILL DETERMINE WHO SURVIVES?


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“In that day this song will be sung in the land of Judah: "We have a strong city; he sets up salvation as walls and bulwarks. …Trust in the LORD for ever, for the LORD GOD is an everlasting rock.” (Is. 26:1,4)

What’s the best security against disaster and destruction? In the ancient world a strong city, an impregnable fortress, and a secure house were built on solid rock because they could withstand the forces of nature and foe alike. Isaiah speaks of God as an “everlasting rock” (Is. 26:4). He is the rock of refuge and deliverance (Psalm 18:2) and the …



Today’s Gospel narrates the end of the Discourse on the Mountain. The discourse on the Mountain is a new reading of the Law of God. It begins with the Beatitudes (Mt 5, 1-12) and ends with the house built on the rock.

• It is a question of acquiring the true wisdom. A source of wisdom is the Word of God expressed in the Law of God. True Wisdom consists in listening to and practicing the Word of God (Lk 11, 28). It is not sufficient to say: “Lord, Lord!” The important thing is not to say beautiful words about God, but rather to do the Will of the Father and, therefore, to be a revelation of his love and his presence in the world.

• The one who listens to and practices the Word, constructs the house on the rock. The solidity of the house does not come from the house in itself, but rather from the land, from the rock. What does the rock signify? It is the experience of God’s love revealed in Jesus (Rm 8, 31-39). There are some persons who practice the Word in order to merit God’s love. But love is not bought, purchased, neither do we merit it. (sg 8, 7). The love of God is received gratuitously. Let us put into practice the Word not to merit love, but to say thank you for the love we have received. This is the good earth, the rock, which gives security to the house. The true security comes from the certainty of God’s love! It is the rock which sustains us in the moments of difficulty and in storms.

• The Evangelist ends the discourse of the Mountain (Mt 7, 27-28) saying that the crowds remained admired by the teaching of Jesus, because “he taught with authority, and not like the Scribes”. The result of the teaching of Jesus is the critical awareness of the people concerning religious authority of the time. Admired and grateful, the people approved the beautiful and diverse teaching of Jesus.

** Personal questions**
• Am I among those who say “Lord, Lord”,

*]or among those who put the Word into practice?
• Do I observe the Law in order to merit love and salvation

*]or in order to thank God for his love and his salvation?



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