Daily Lenten Prayer for April 11, 2009


Daily Lenten Prayer for April 11, 2009

Opening Prayer: Father, we share in the light of Your glory through Your Son, the light of the world. Inflame us with new hope. Purify our minds and bring us one day to the feast of eternal light. Amen.

Scripture Readings: Isaiah 55:1-11 Matthew 28:1-10

Meditation: Jesus gave up His life for us, believing in God’s promise of life. What can I do to give of myself to others in gratiutde for all that God has done for me?

Closing Prayer: Father, help us to understand Your great love for us. May the goodness You now show us confirm our hope in Your future mercy. Amen…



My dear friend

That is very nice. It interests me because Apr 11 is my birhday and the feast day of my patron saint- St Gemma Galgani. God bless you:)


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