Daily Lenten Prayer for April 6, 2009


Daily Lenten Prayer for April 6, 2009

Opening Prayer: All-powerful God, by the suffering and death of Your Son, strengthen and protect us in our weakness. Amen.

Scripture Readings: Isaiah 42:1-7 John 12:1-11

Meditation: In today’s Gospel Mary anoints the head of Jesus in anticipation of His death and burial. As the Church observes the sacred events of Holy Week I will remember that Jesus is a king who suffered and died for his love of me and all of humanity.

Closing Prayer: God of mercy, be close to Your people. Watch over us and keep us in Your love. Amen.



In my weakness You are strength
Jesus, I repent my unworthiness, and ask that You offer me as gift to God in each broken moment restored.

Gather up my lost moments, Jesus! Cleanse and shape them with my sorrow merged with Your sacrifice. Burnish and set them with Your forgiveness, and illuminate them with Your love as treasures of witness, intercession, and atonement!

Thus, make my flawed life into a gem of praise, service and delight for You in the Communion of Saints.

Praise to You, Jesus, who make treasure out of ordinary and fallen human beings


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