Daily Mass and Sunday Mass


I’m just curious as to how many people go to Daily Mass and Sunday Mass and if you do go to Daily Mass, why?

I’m planning on making a commitment to myself to go to Daily Mass every day that I can once I’m confirmed at Easter b/c I think that I will enjoy it so I just wondered what you like/dislike about it and why! Thanks for your responses!!



I don’t really fit into either category, so I’ll choose A and sometimes B.

I attend every Sunday of course, but try to make it to at least one Mass during the week.:slight_smile:


I attend every Sunday barring a complication such as vacationing with my family (I’m the only practicing Catholic) and attend daily Mass when my school schedule permits (2-3 times a week typically).


Sunday only, but that’s only because my work schedule makes it difficult if not impossible to do a daily mass.



I go to Sunday Mass, for sure. Would love to go to daily Mass, but work schedule gets in the way.



I go to Sunday Mass, every Sunday.

And I go to Daily Mass, but not daily. What I mean is, I go to Friday Mass, sometimes Wednesday Mass, but not any other unless it is a Holy Day.

I homeschool and that is what fits into our schedule.


I always go to Sunday mass, and go to weekday mass if possible.


I go to mass on Saturday am and during the week if I can (yes and all Sunday and Holy Days of Obligation). Today at work I realized that it was 15 minutes into mass and by the time it would take to get there it would be over. Be prepared - Mass can be over in 15 to 20 minutes. Its not really that big of a committment unless you must travel a great distance. Pieces will be missing and you will think this Priest is a heretic until you learn what He must do…

I love coming to Mass during the day, some quiet respectful time with God (an oasis in my day) and people who REALLY REALLY want to go to Mass and enjoy it with all their soul. People who make an effort to get there. We have 30-40 people for the weekday masses near my work and on Saurdays at my home parish for the 9am mass there are 200-300 people instead of the 1500 people at the 11am Sunday mass. (A city cop directs traffic before and after masses on Sunday) At the weekday masses Mostly its people who come alone. Very very few families and just a few couples


I go most every day. That would be because I live very close to my local church and work in the city where there are plenty of churches and mass times around to choose from.

It’s wonderful to go first thing in the morning and just have that ‘you-and-God’ time before the rest of the world pushes in on you.


I go on Sundays (or saturday if I am singing). I wish I could go to daily mass, but going to a public school that I can’t skip :frowning: A week between receiving the Eucharist is way to long for me but I survive, I can making it to Holy Days of Obligation and sometimes Daily mass if we don’t have school :thumbsup: … of course not to often. When I get to Franciscan University of Stuebenville, I plan to go everyday :gopray:
Can’t wait…



You won’t be alone. At Franciscan they have 3 masses every day that are quite well attended. During lent, many daily masses are standing room only.

I enjoy going to mass every day because of the wonderful graces that flow from it. I find that I have a more profound respect for the Eucharist when I go to daily mass. When you make the extra effort to go every day, it becomes a great joy for you.

I go to noon mass during my lunch hour when at work. It is a great way for me to rejuvenate in the middle of the day and prepare me for the afternoon because my job is very stressful. :slight_smile:


Daily Mass is the best! Everyone there wants to be there; it’s quiet and intense. I go Monday through Friday. Hope you like it, too.



Depending on my husband’s work schedule (he takes the kids to school in the a.m. when he is home) and the parish’s Mass schedule, I am able to go to Daily Mass 3 times a week on a good week. I began it as a Lenten practice 2 years ago, and I love it, love it, love it. Even when I am not working and could sleep in, I find myself drawn to it. There is peace and grace and strength to be found there.

The Daily Mass is very quiet - no singing. We usually have 30 or 40 people or so, though during Lent there are quite a few more. I go before work. I have to be at work at 7:05, and I can slide in right in time when I attend Mass at 6:30.

You don’t have to wait until you’re confirmed. Try it out now.


You mean that being an apologist on CAF isn’t your full time job!!!:smiley:


I started going to daily Mass two years before I was finally confirmed (which was the 2004 Easter Vigil).


Would that it was - and a paid one at that :smiley:

I do work from home a lot, and have been known to leave the computer on and myself logged on during some quite longish absences - several times I’ve even accidentally left it on overnight :bigyikes:


I go to Daily Mass and Sunday Mass.
I go because you are supposed to recieve the Sacraments of Penance and Holy Communion as much as possible. Who would not want to recieve Communion everyday?

God Bless!


I go to Sunday Mass and daily Mass too. I go to the 8AM Mass which is the school kids Mass and it has such an energy, I just love it. I love the lessons the priest gives to the kids. The same folks are there everyday, mostly older folks, like me and it is the best way in the world for me to take on the day. I hate when I have to miss becuase of inclement weather, but that is usually only when we have a bang up snowstorm and then i try to make the later Mass in the day when the roads are cleared.



I generally attend daily Mass only if there is a funeral later in the day, because to get here by 7 would give me a 12-14 hour workday (to far to go home again before work). If I am visiting the diocesan offices for some purpose there are several daytime Masses at various times, so I will stay for that Mass if convenient, which also makes it good for confession since there is a priest there an hour before each Mass.

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