Daily Mass – Awesome Catholic Tradition

This week I have been attending daily morning mass. It has been a great experience for me for two reasons:

Spiritual: helps me to keep my mind on Christ
Financial: Helps me to get to work on time (I am a chronic late person)

At first I wasn’t sure how I liked it because the mass has no cantor/choir or singing—only spoken. But now I realize that there is beauty in the quietness. I sometimes am in awe of how everyone is there to pray and worship. There is no chit-chat. Everyone is focused on Christ. The only time we even look at each other is when it’s time to give the sign of peace.

I also noticed that some people come in for a few minutes and leave because they have to go to work. It’s a wonderful thing to be able to squeeze in some prayer, in a church, when there is free time.

Also, when I get there a couple of minutes earlier, I can pray silently about any personal concerns I have.

I love the spirit of worship and prayer in the Catholic Church.

Not to disparage any protestant churches, but there was a time that I joined a prayer group. The idea was to have a group of prayer warriors who would pray for the church and its members while one service was going on. Then we would attend the next service. We would take turns praying.

You better believe our human natures got in the way. Whenever I was praying, I would be so self-conscience about how eloquent I was and I would listen out for the “Amens” and “Yes Lord’s” because that would mean I was praying well.

What a pleasure to pray quietly without anyone paying any attention to you.

I think I will continue to attend mass daily even though it takes me over an hour to get to the at 7:45 mass.

How many of you attend daily mass and how has it helped you in your Christian journey?

Hi, TL…

I try to go whenever I can to a 12:10 pm mass close to work about a mile away. I only started doing this last year about October. The parish also has a perpetual adoration chapel, so I would spend a few minutes there, then attend the mass.

I tried to eat lunch before I went, but now, I forgo lunch till after communion, and I do not feel hungry anymore before the mass. The Eucharist is such a nourishing food for one’s life.

Pretty soon you will get to know regular attendees by face, and you will start to get to know them. Just as I did, I met some new people who attend regularly. There was one I had recognized, then surprise, I say him at my daughter’s school. And we talked. What a small world it is.

Yes, in fact, a woman introduced herself to me this morning in the Vestibule. I was happy.


I mentioned how I would be starting RCIA there in September and how I had been allowed to “audit” one of the classes. I told her how fabulous the teacher was and she scowled. When I asked why she scowled, she said she saw him as maybe too “cool”. I told her the class I attended was on contraception and when she asked me what his position was I said he is against contraception, she rolled her eyes and said she had to go.

Thank goodness I know what I want and no one can deter me from that. Not the best interaction for a new person.

I have been going to Mass each day before work for the last two years, and I would not think of missing it. Like you I like the quietness where you can really get in contact with Jesus.

This is the beauty of weekday mass, in my view. Parishioners who are there are generally completely focused on Christ and the Eucharist, although I have on a occasion seen adolescents, dragged to evening mass by parents, who made it abundantly clear they would have preferred to be anywhere else. :slight_smile:

As for daily mass attendance… :o Well… Let’s just say that I’m not as good as I could be. All the weekday morning masses in my area are held when I’m at work. All of 'em. I try to be good and make the 5:30 p.m. mass in my parish, but I don’t always make it. Sometimes it’s family responsibilities. And let’s face it, I don’t think it’s God’s plan for little kids to go to school in dirty underpants because mom went to mass instead of getting the whites washed. (That was a small joke, not the beginning of a theology debate.)

I am fortunate in the my work schedule changes in the summertime, so I am looking forward to daily mass in then.

It has been many years since my circumstances have made it possible to attend daily Mass, but when I did so (in college, for instance), there was no question of the heightened spirituality of the celebration. Having no music helped a lot. This was as true in many parishes and chaplaincies for the traditional Latin (Tridentine) rite as it was for the missal of Paul VI. Everything that degrades worship and leaves the Eucharist barely efficacious as juridically a sacrament is the result of catering to relatively full parish parish pews on Sunday, and look where it’s gotten the Church even with respect to that priority. If only the obligation could be fulfilled by attending Mass every other day of the week.

I have to say as much as I appreciate the silence during the week, I need my TLM with full choir and congregants singing at least once a week.

I attend daily since my journey back home last year. I go at lunch time when I can, and it’s not my home parish…but it helps me to keep on track…to stay focused on what is really important. I do not like when I can’t make it…like this week for example… I go to the evening Wed night Mass at my home parish and I really like it there as well…just a small group of us…family.

I’ve even had my non-Catholic employees tell me to go to Mass…because I was too grumpy…they even see the change in me when I go…:smiley:

I love daily Mass!! I don’t think I could function without it. I love the quiet: the days when the organist/cantor are there I don’t enjoy it quite as much. I’m able to go to Mass on my lunchbreak at work. I’m usually able to go every day; I’m not so good about getting up early for morning Mass on Saturday, though. :blush:

A wonderful treasure!

I don’t make it every single day, but I make it as often as I can, which is several times a week.

My home parish is wonderfully quiet and peaceful.

But a few summers ago, I found a different parish near my home that is wonderfully welcoming and joyful.

I love both. But sometimes I really just long for the quiet. I have found a church near my work that is always open, and sometimes I will just go before work and sit there in the presence of Christ and soak up the silence.

Today, I had to make a grocery stop before work, so I was about 15 minutes late for the daily mass. The daily mass lasts about 20-25 minutes. I thought I was going to get there too late.

So I walked in during the consecration part (I guess).

Anyway, there was a different priest than I offered the mass from Mon – Thursday. To my pleasant surprise, this priest sang the “kyrie” in latin instead of reciting “Lord have mercy” and we also sang one of the “Amens”.

I wish I had gotten there earlier.

So after the mass ended, I stayed for about 10 minutes and did some of the Liturgy of the Hours.

The day came out better than I expected.

I love daily mass.

It keeps me on the straight and narrow path :thumbsup:

I am so happy our faith offers daily mass. Protestants don’t know what they are missing :frowning:

I started going to morning Mass during this Lent. I try to go at least 2 x during the week, more if I possibly can. I would go every day but I have schedule conflicts. I absolutely love it, and if daily Mass counted against the Sunday obligation I would never attend on Sunday. Not something I ever imagined myself believing or saying, but that’s how much I love daily Mass.

I went on Wednesday and as I prayed before Mass began, I was smiling, thinking, “no one cares that I am here, I am not impressing anyone and no one is trying to impress me.” By that I mean, the Sunday Mass at this particular church is so dressy and formal, and very status-conscious…the church happens to be in a wealthy area, so there’s quite a lot of money and that is obvious from the parishioner’s attire. But on the weekdays, at 9 a.m., no one is judging me if I am wearing jeans. It’s not about what any of us are wearing.

Also, I thought I would miss the music. I so don’t! In fact I feel more in touch with Our Lord because I am not trying to guess the tune, listen to the choir, etc. I am not in admiration of anyone’s great voice or judging someone’s off-key voice. The elements of the Mass stand out more to me when they are just spoken by the priest, then the congregation.

Few people hold hands during the Our Father, so that feels better to me too. Sometimes I think that is a load of Protestant hooey that we’ve stuck into our Mass, and we don’t need it at all. We still do the Sign of Peace, which is OK but I could even do without that. On a weekday, I just fold my hands in prayer and say the Our Father, I don’t have to reach out to anyone if I don’t want to.

I like the homilies too. I can’t really describe the difference, just that there is a difference. I would imagine that the priest knows he’s in front of a difference audience and sort of tailors his message accordingly. Here, it seems to be mainly retired folks, but a fairly good sprinkling of other age ranges throughout. It’s like he’s teaching a small class or something, very personal and intimate.

Taking the Eucharist multiple times in a week is like a miracle for me. Receiving Christ is amazing enough if you do it just once a week, but to receive more than once is much more powerful, like exponentially more powerful.

I also go to confession at least once ever 2 weeks, aiming for every week, and am going to start going for adoration too. I guess it’s kind of like training for a marathon, you have to build up your stamina and endurance bit by bit. And every mile or Mass, you get stronger and stronger

Almost forgot: There is a group of people who stay after the Mass to say a rosary and if I have time I do that too. If I say the rosary, the whole process takes one hour. On Sunday, in my other church, just the Mass takes 90 minutes, minimum, if the Pastor celebrates. But it’s not just about time, it’s about the whole feel and atmosphere.


I often joke that I go to mass every day but Sunday!

Just before Lent started I found myself stuck in traffic downtown. I happened to be in the street in front of a Catholic church, and since I wasn’t moving anywhere, read the sign, which mentioned weekday Mass at 5:15 PM. So as soon as traffic moved a little, I turned down the side street, parked, and went in.

It is a Jesuit run parish, and in addition to Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, confessions were available right up till about five minutes before Exposition ended with benediction and then ten minutes later, Mass started. The Mass was NO but very reverent, as I would expect anyways, and the homily was insightful and incisive. I was immediately hooked.

I can’t get there every single day, life responsibilities have a way of inserting themselves (elderly mother who lives alone, that sort of responsibility.) But I will tell you this–I feel downright cheated if I don’t get there at least three times a week. And I do mean cheated. It is the one place where I can pour my heart out to Jesus, bask in His presence, and feel the light of His wondrous love for me, and for all of us. Guaranteed. I don’t find the quiet distracting in the least. I have an awful singing voice, and much of what is sung at my own parish in Sunday Mass is out of my vocal range. Out of charity, I end up lip-syncing most of the more modern hymns.

I can’t believe that people without a strong core of faith can rush out of work and go to one of those awful bars with all the din and annoyances, truly, for me, Mass after work is my “happy hour!”

This! Only for me, it’s before work.:thumbsup:

Recently, I started attending daily mass before work. I absolutely love it. The project I work on right now is in the city, so there are plenty of church offering daily mass. It’s a wonderful and intimate way to participate in the mass!

Wouldn’t you know, now that Lent is over, I am suddenly too tired to go to morning mass?


I just started going to daily Mass this week. We have a Rosary half an hour before Mass, and I have made that 2/3 times this week. I am praying the Rosary at home daily right now, so I thought it might be nice to do it in company. I have had some personal tragedy this year, which drew me back to the Church. I am saddened by my situation, but I am grateful that it made me turn toward the Lord.

I hope that I keep going. Right now, it is the most wonderful thing in my life.

I start my days having breakfast with my Lord (in Mass) Isn’t that awesome!!

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