Daily mass of Our Lady Of Angels

has anyone seen the daily mass on EWTN from Our Lady Of Angels?
i’m always very impressed. it’s much more reverent than the NO mass at my church.
is this the way a NO mass was intended to look?
what are your opinions?

I’ve also seen the Mass on EWTN and I agree its quite reverent. This is just speculation, but I’d guess EWTN’s liturgy is a lot closer to what the Council fathers had in mind when they were drafting the reforms, rather than clown Masses and choirs using guitars and tambourines. At my TLM parish the priest is very supportive of Vatican II, but he draws a clear distinction between the documents of the Council (and how they were meant to be interpreted, in light of authentic Catholic faith and practice) and this crazy “spirit of Vatican II” that has plagued the Church for the last 40-50 years. For example, he recently reminded us during Mass that the Council fully intended for sacred music (organ, gregorian chant) and latin to be retained in the liturgy, and did not intend all the innovations we’ve seen spring up. At Ave Maria University in Naples, Florida, they even celebrate the NO in latin and the priest faces ad orientam.

yeah, i was thinking the same thing as you, as far as being what the council intended.
i find myself thinking, i wish there was a parish like that by me. :frowning:

I personally find that mass kind of boring. Most of the times ive seen it (which admittedly is only twice) the priest seemed sort of sleepyish and everyone kind of dragged themselves to and fro.

If anyone lives in Sacramento Callifornia, a really good reverent Novus Ordo Mass is at the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament. I’d probably attend there if my TLM was closed down.

But then again, its probably just me, since I dislike the Novus Ordo in general.

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