Daily mass on EWTN

I have a question about the mass that is broadcast on EWTN everyday. Part of the liturgy is in English and part is Latin. Is this a common practice? I am fairly sure the mass at the local CC is in English. I would not ask but I am a new convert and haven’t got everything sorted out yet.

Yes, it is OK. Not really purist, sort of “hybrid” but acceptable.

The mass at the parish I often attend has a very reverent mass with English and Latin. That’s the only form of the OF I like frankly.

Yes, the Mass may be celebrated with minimal latin, or completely in latin.

One time on the Open Line radio program, one of the hosts, I think it was Father Mitch Pacwa but I’m not 100% sure, said that because they broadcast their programming worldwide, they try to use Latin, rather than English whenever possible.

If you read the Vatican II document Sacrosanctum Concillium, the “hybrid” was supposed to be the default, part in Latin, part in the vernacular. The bishops were given the option of doing more in the vernacular, and most did so

I wish EWTN would broadcast the Tridentine Mass, as it would encourage more Catholics to appreciate Latin as the common language of worship within the Church.

As to the op…

I would say it is NOT common, at least in my region to find much if any Latin in the Ordinary Form. The local language is the norm, rather it be English or Spanish. I am not aware of any Latin speakers locally :wink:

EWTN is to be commended in their conformity and elevation of the Most Holy Mass, but the reality is that it represents a rather ‘romantic’ version of a past age.

In the church what I attend the St John Cantius fathers offer very reverent pure English and pure Spanish new form masses, and also TLM.

Originally the mixed language was in the mind of the bishop at Vatican II, and that was introduced in 1964 and slightly changed in 1967. Basically the teaching part of the Mass was in vernacular.

Practically there is no official bilingual missal, which represents some problem for the mixed language.

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