Daily Mass or School Group Meeting?

Hi all,

I usually attend daily mass everyday of the week except Wednesday. Every Friday my friend is having a meeting for his Hiking-Biking-and Other club. I am not sure whether to go to daily mass at 7:00AM and be fifteen minutes late every Friday, or go to the meeting because he is one of my best friends and I enjoy spending time with him. I also started a club that has meetings every Monday in the morning, and I cannot make it in the afternoon since most of the people attending it have athletic practice. Not sure what to do :shrug:. Can anyone help me?

God Bless,


This is really a matter of priorities, isn’t it? Frankly, there is nothing that anyone can do that is greater than being present for the sacrifice of the God-Man that we witness at Mass. Calvary shows us how much we matter to God. Our reaction to Calvary shows how much He matters to us. This is a slam dunk! Nothing is more important than entering into His life and death, which is what we do at Mass. And then to receive Him into our bodies is a taste of heaven that we can only know by faith now. But one day we will know how fortunate we have been to thank Him for His Self-Gift in such an intimate way. Such lesser activities are not match for the Mass.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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