Daily mass Readings on twitter?

Anybody know where I can get daily mass readings on twitter or by an RSS feed for my mobile phone?
I found many sites for this, but all of them require quite a bit of navigation, which is difficult on my phone.

This link should always give you just the readings for the day without requiring any navigation.

What kind of mobile phone do you have? For Android phones, there is Mass Reading. You can go to usccb.org/nab and click on a date for the readings for that day, or subscribe to a podcast.

I have a Nokia 7210 supernova which is a very basic phone which supports browsing. I use “Opera mini 5” as a browser.

Thanks Bill and Mark,
I found this site which has a feed, so i can get the readings easily: universalis.com/mass.htm
But it gives the full text of the readings which could overload my phone.

This site gives me only the reading’s verses: easterbrooks.com/personal/calendar/index.php but it does not have a feed :frowning:

Thinking of creating a new twitter account to give the daily mass readings for others like me.

Thanks again !

I’ve been getting the daily readings via Twitter from the USCCB.

Doesn’t Twitter have a 140 character limit?

How could you receive the Daily Mass Readings with that limit?

Brother David,

The tweet contains the Scripture citations (book, chapter and verse) and a link to the texts on the USCCB website.

Ah. So why not just go to the USCCB website and click on Daily Readings which takes you there?

Why the need for an extra step?

Or go to the link I had above and subscribe to the podcast.

BTW, you might want to look at www.ke5asu.com/catholic.html

I suppose that would work just as easily. I happen to visit the twitter website to read tweets from a number of people, so it’s a site I would normally visit before the USCCB.

That makes some sense.

I don’t do twitter.

Daily Mass readings via Twitter are also available through @TodaysReadings (or the RSS feed), which gives you a tweet with an excerpt, a reflection and a link to the day’s readings on the US Bishops’ site.

It is extremely useful for some of us who use social media that we receive timely reminders on a regular schedule admist the rest of our subscriptions. For example, I have a client on my computer which connects to both Facebook and Twitter, and distills all the news for me in one window which I can watch as it scrolls and I am doing useful work in another window. By this method I get updates from my friends, news headlines from my hand-picked sources, and spiritual guidance such as facts about the Saint of the Day from the USCCB.

To me, this is vastly preferable to maintaining a list of bookmarks which I have to open new tabs on my browser and check them for updates on a regular schedule. I don’t really operate my own habits on a regular schedule during the day. I fall behind on reading XKCD because I haven’t added it to Twitter yet (I probably can) and I forget to visit the website.

Eventually this trickle of information becomes a firehose, and we find ourselves needing to prune away some unwanted friends or Twitter celebrities who aren’t contributing enough to the mix, but to me this is the proper paradigm for breaking news and scheduled occurrences, which can be “pushed” to me rather than needing me to “pull” them down from the web.

Also, a Tweet is extremely lightweight. It can be received easily on a mobile phone or a low-bandwidth Internet connection. If you got a Tweet reading “John 3:16”, would you need to follow a link to read it? Much information can be conveyed in 140 characters that doesn’t need the baggage of opening a browser and slurping down gobs of CSS and images and popup ads.

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