Daily Mass Readings

The Mass Readings are going to be provided on my site once again. A friend of mine is the one who is in charge of them while I will be assisting her in some of the editing. I highly encourage everyone to check them out, they are a great way to learn the Bible! Excellent commentary will be available for the readings!

Novus Ordo I presume or are going to do both TLM and Novus Ordo

WOW! Thank you! I really enjoyed crusing the site and finding many treasures! :thumbsup:

Just the NO for now.

Do you know a website for the TLM readings? If so, I will consider doing both.

No I don’t the TLM. I have only Sunday readings in the back of my Douay-Rheims along with notable feast days. I am trying to have enough free time on my own blog which I can never keep up on to do a NO reading which follows that set by the USCCB, but I use the Douay-Rheims for the readings instead. I also use the Clementine Vulgate for the Latin part and I also do Haydock Commentary for the readings. I use a Catechism reference to a scripture in both English and Latin. I have done a couple of TLM readings from shear mouth what the readings were during the day. I will keep you posted If I can find weekday readings. Right now I just have Sunday and Feast days

I found this old thread with links to a few sites that have the daily TLM readings.

All links have readings for Sundays and Holy days and feast days of Saints. None have readings for regular days of the week. I have all information on Sundays, Holy Days and feast days in the back of my Douay-Rheims just no ordinary weekday readings

You’re right, I wasn’t looking closely enough.:o I think that without a Romal Missal my own hands, it will be confusing to figure out the daily TLM readings. However, I have just started working on the Sunday readings. Here is the page.

Thanks. I also use the Biblia Sacra Juxta Vulgatam Clementinam as well. I have been so busy lately it is hard to keep my page updated

Hi, my name is Monica.
Our ministry of Divine Office has a mission to gather assets beneficial to our community in praying the Liturgy of the Hours. Our site contains free daily audio of several of the daily hours. Over the coming months and years we will have all of the hours in free audio format. We also have an iPhone application, Divine Office, to provide audio Liturgy of the Hours without the need to synchronize through a computer.

The Divine Office iPhone App will automatically download today’s audio Liturgy as well as the next few days without connecting to a computer.

Use your wireless connection without iTunes synchronization so you never need to connect to a computer for updates.

Our Liturgy of the Hours Podcast will always be free.

So join divineoffice.org and listen to Office of Readings!

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