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I was at Mass one Sunday and I thought to myself: if I REALLY believe that Jesus is present in the Eucharist why don’t I go to Mass every day? I have no real good answer other than that I don’t want to be labeled a “fanatic” or “nut”. I have the time to exercise an hour a day and watch TV 2 hours a day. . .

Are there people out there that go to Mass daily?

Hi Agent,
You are definitely not alone. There are others out there who follow St Josemaria Escriva’s 20 plan of life.

I go to Mass daily as able. There is a group of us that meet at 7:30 am and pray the rosary until 8:00 when Mass starts. I have just returned to the church about 2 months ago and thought that I to was being a fanatic–I am 23 and by far am the youngest one there. I, myself, have such a hunger for God that I can’t imagine not going to Mass everyday. I would feel like I was missing apart of myself. Does that make sense??? Anyway, I would encourage you to go Daily if you truly want to. I can assure you that no will think that you are a nut :slight_smile:

Daily Mass is THE best part of my day. I am a 40 something mother of 2 who teaches school. I check in at CAF every day, so maybe I AM a fanatic, but I try not to be too nutty. :wink:

I’ve been teaching for years, and our report time has always been around 8:10 or so. About 4 years or so ago, our school system changed the schedule so that I had to be at school for 7:05 (in the morning!). This meant that my husband had to step up to the plate and handle morning duties with my 2 young sons, thus freeing me.

Lent came along, and I was looking for “something” to do. At about that time I realized that since I had to out of the house so early anyway, I could probably attend 6:30 Mass the 3 days a week it was offered at my parish, and arrive at work nearly on time. My boys were in Cub Scouts at the time, and we were practicing one afternoon for our annual “Scout Sunday” Mass. Our pastor was hanging around to be helpful, so I approached him afterwards and asked him how long daily Masses were. He gave some answer about it depending on if he had had his coffee or not, but then conceeded that they were about 20-25 minutes. Perfect for me. I just had to rearrange things a little bit, so that I was done eating breakfast in time to meet the hour fast.

So I started going to Mass - just for Lent - Monday, Thursday, and Friday. (Lent had already started by the time I made this decision.) Long before Lent was over I saw the difference that this made in my days. And the time between Monday and Thursday seemed to stretch forever. When Lent was over, I couldn’t stop. I was hooked. (Hook, line and sinker, I guess) I would pop out of bed at 5:00, excited when it was a Mass Day.

School holidays come, but I’m still at 6:30 Mass. Me - the self-professed night owl. Summer vacation comes and I’m able to make it to the 12:15 Mass on another day. The school board has changed our schedule back so that we don’t have to be at work until 8:15. But I’m still at 6:30 Mass on the days it’s offered, and looking for a 7:30 Mass on the other days.

Those quiet, peaceful mornings in the presence of our Savior. You can’t beat it. I’d guess that there are probably 30 or 40 other people at our daily Masses. Maybe more at 7:30. I’ve never really counted. Many are older people. But many of us on our way to work or school.

Give it a try?

What could be better than to receive the Body and Blood of Christ EVERY day? No gym or TV show beats that! Also, it keeps me in good check so I have to avoid sinning every day if I want to receive communion. You cannot imagine how my life has improved after starting going to Daily Mass. It’s so great to be there because I want to, and not because I have to (Sunday Mass is mandatory). Besides, its more quiet nature makes me want to pray more. I just love it!

You sound almost like me. A little over a year ago, I realized I could make 6:30am mass every morning. With my kids’ morning school schedules I have just enough time to get one set off before I prepare the last one for school.

Agent, you should definitely do it if you can fit it into your schedule. It is transforming. I prefer the 6:30am to any other mass because it is so peaceful and starts my day in a Spiritual frame of mind. There are about 15-20 people who come every morning and they are like my Spiritual brothers and sisters. I try to encourage people to come, but most of my friends have children and it can be tricky with their schedules. Hopefully a daily mass is offered in your area so you can do it. Good luck:)

Oh, I forgot to put in my previous post - don’t worry about being a “nut”. I’m a nut and my daughter jokingly calls me a Catholaholic (rhymes with alcoholic) because I just can’t get enough. It’s fun being a nut and you can find lots of other nuts too at the daily masses so you can be part of some assorted nuts :smiley:

I attended daily Mass when I lived in a bigger city and was 19, and I was also the youngest one there, usually by at least 15 years (most of the times, I think I was 25 years younger than everyone). It didn’t matter, though, because, even though at that time, I was not fully Catholic, spiritual communtion and spending time with Jesus was the best parts of my day, and, oddly enough (hmmm), even the “bad” parts of my day were much more managable, and sometimes enjoyable. Now that I’m back in a smaller city with only 1 parish in the whole county, I haven’t been able to do that. I can’t tell you how much I miss going daily. There are only 2 Masses offered during the week.

I also feel like a part of myself is missing in not going everyday, but I will pull out my missal and read the propers for the day, and I just purchased Liturgy of the Hours, and it helps, but I can’t wait for the day that I get a vehicle and can drive myself to the daily Mass 30 miles away.

And well… maybe we are “nuts”, but if this makes me a nut, it’s a title I’ll proudly accept!

God Bless!

I do! I do!! And I LOVE IT!!! I have three small kids and if I don’t take that quiet time in the morning I don’t get it. Mass in the morning, followed by a half an hour or so in front of the Blessed Sacrament, and I’m good to go! (Thank God for my very supportive hubby who gets the kids together for school, etc.)

I had an interesting conversation with a young friend of mine not long ago. She was shocked to hear that I go to Mass every day. She said “Why do you do that?” I replied “Why don’t you?” I mean, gosh. It’s done WONDERS for my prayer life, and really puts everything in perspective. I don’t think I really appreciated my faith until I started going every day.

I’ll be a fanatic…the only real drawback is, when I mess up, there are people that are really quick to point out what a hypocrite I am, going to church every day and still committing sins. On the upside, it does give me the opportunity to tell people about the wonderful sacrament of reconciliation! :smiley:

Just goooooooooooooooooo!!!

I started during Lent 2008. My intent was to go one weekday each week. Then I remembered I had tried that the year before, but only remembered to go twice. I knew I had to either commit or not, so I committed to daily.

Now I’m hooked. Who cares what others think. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done. I guard that time with my life.

We have a wide age range there, from college-age to 80-somethings. As an added bonus, I’ve made some special friendships.

But be careful. Hearing the Word of God every day and receiving the Eucharist every day might just make you a different person. :smiley:

Yes, I go to daily mass! I started when I was in college. I went to a Catholic college, and the church is right in the middle of campus, making it really convenient for me to slip in for daily mass at noon or 5 pm. I immediately noticed myself being washed over in this immense peace, just by being there. There is something more quiet, more intimate, even more powerful about the daily masses. I was hooked by the end of freshman year and I continued daily mass during my breaks at home, even though it required a 30 minute drive at 7 in the morning!

I’ve been out of college for a few years now, and I still go to daily mass when I can. These are the main reasons I’d say I go now:

  • I want to be there to greet Jesus in the Eucharist every day
  • Practically, daily mass helps me so much in my spiritual life. Only going on Sunday, it’s easy to basically forget that you’re Catholic during the week! With daily mass, every moment of my workday and every conversation is part of my life in Christ.
    -Hearing the Biblical readings every day has helped me internalize scripture much more deeply.
  • I know that when I get married or have kids or move somewhere else, anytime the privilege of being able to go to daily mass will be gone. So I want to take advantage of the opportunity while I can! It is a wonderful opportunity to spend half an hour in quiet prayer and communion. Don’t turn it down!

Like several others of you, I am by far the youngest of the daily mass crowd, and I do feel like a nut sometimes. But, the benefits I outlined above make the “nuttiness” worth it! Who cares what people think - maybe they will see the effects in your life and change their tune!

Sure . . . I need all the grace I can get!

Also, if you feel too self-conscious about going to daily mass, try to find a buddy to go with you. You feel like less of a nut if you’re with someone else! On the other hand, going alone allows for much better concentration sometimes.

:amen: :thumbsup:

I wish I could go everyday! I can fit two weekdays, and sometimes a third into my schedule. I find myself marking time by when I get to go to Mass next, and be warned that the withdrawal symptoms aren’t pleasant :wink:

I vote go too! :smiley: I started going last Lent. I committed to going at least twice a week for Lent(not counting Sundays) and have kept it up since. Some weeks I’ve gone more, a few weeks just once, but it is a wonderful thing. It is so quiet and peaceful and a wonderful way to start the day.

I’m usually one of the youngest there (I’m 26), often by quite a bit, but I’ve gotten to know a few of the little old ladies. :smiley: And it is encouraging to see these people every time, those who have been so faithful for so long. :smiley:

Daily Mass is a great way to get to know people. Sundays can be big and impersonal, but during the week you’ll see some of the same faces over and over, and that makes it easier to break the ice. Also a bonus if you want to do more than shake the priest’s hand in passing as you go out the door!

You get that too? :slight_smile:

I go when I can as my work schedule doesn’t always allow for that.

I always feel better when I go.

Yes since Ash Wednesday 1980. Some thoughts re Mass

The Community and the Mass
Our God, grant that we always worthily offer the Eucharist when we meet together. As we celebrate in fellowship, please give us repentance for sins against charity towards You, towards others and towards ourselves. Enable us to acknowledge others’ offences against us and to invite Christ’s grace of forgiveness for them in our hearts.

Pardon our neglect of any social and community issues, as these failures constitute betrayal of Eucharistic love and fraternity, therefore of our Christian faith. Help us to serve our brothers and sisters in our communities, with vigour and respect. As Saint Paul said, “if you cannot love the brother (or sister) you can see, how can you claim to love the God whom you cannot see?”

To shape our Christian love, give us grace to attentively receive Your word in Scripture, in the dialogue of the Mass, in the homily, and in our hearts. Thus equipped, we carry Your Word and Your Spirit into our daily lives to share them with others in faith and charity, so that the Eucharist nourishes and supports community as it deepens each person’s spiritual life. Grant that our Masses and Communions are avenues of salvation and holiness for others.

The Mass

Jesus, although we are often complacent regarding this gift of Your highest creative imagination, the Eucharist is Your heart-gift to humanity throughout time. You grant it for our spiritual nourishment and for our intimate communion with God, with Christians throughout the ages, and with all saints in Heaven.

You offer Yourself to God in reparation, thanksgiving, petition and praise on behalf of everyone who ever lives. I ask You, with the Holy Spirit, with the intercession of Your Mother, of all saints and angels, and of all souls, to offer the Mass for all persons in the highest way intended by God.

Thank You Jesus for this gift of Eucharist that is offered for everyone, even those who know nothing of this gift! The Eucharistic offering is never an isolated event or the prayer of any one person, but of all people. Therefore, in the Eucharist, I say ‘Amen’ to all Your hopes and dreams for everyone and everything that You intend in time and eternity.

The Mass is the only banquet to which one may invite countless souls from around the world throughout time. I invite the Angels of dear ones and of each other person living and in Purgatory, to share fully in the Eucharist as they proclaim ‘Amen’ to all the hopes and dreams that God has for each of these souls.

I wish my life to be a celebration of this heart-gift of Jesus who loves us each so much. For Jesus, Bread of Life, You are my pearl beyond price. I offer this pearl to the Father for each soul entrusted to me, and for all persons.

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