Daily Mass

Is it odd to attend mass daily if you cannot receive communion?

Odd? No, I don’t think so. I think it’s admirable.

Why would it be? I attended masses (both weekday and Sunday) for many months before I became Roman Catholic. You hear the word of God. You’re near the blessed sacrament. You’re praying with other people.

In previous centuries, people would go to mass for YEARS without receiving the Holy Eucharist. That is why there is now a precept of the Church. Catholics MUST receive at least ONCE a year during the Easter Season.

I’ve known many converts who have done that prior to being received into the Church. Sometimes it was difficult for them to be so close to the Eucharist but still not receive. But evidently the graces from going to Mass daily outweighed the difficulties because they kept going. :wink:

I’ve had people in RCIA who attended daily Mass. Their joy when they can finally receive the Eucharist is enormous!

I would LOVE to be able to go to daily Mass (there are none here: our priest is the only priest serving four churches). Go for it! :slight_smile: I know that I would as often as possible if I could, and I’m not yet Catholic either. :thumbsup:

Attend Mass as often as possible, I say. When you go to Mass, you are accompanying Jesus to Calvary. A pretty big thought! Not to mention that the greatest worship we can offer is not that of our own feeble praise, but the Sacrifice of His very own son. The Mass is the fufillment of the Old Testament sacrifices. Not to mention how better to ask God for things or worship His Name or give thanks for His blessings than by offering Him His Divine Son?

Even if one doesn’t commune, we must still attend Sunday Masses of course. And there is a reason for that. It’s because of the many benefits accrued by attending Mass devotely and the great worship offered up to God. With that in mind, it makes sense why some of the old kings of the Middle Ages would attend many Masses a day even if they couldn’t commune.

Oh yeah. If you have a parish close enough go as often as possible.

Thanks, I was going to a weekday mass for the first time today and I was pretty nervous, I just wanted to make sure there wasn’t something that I was missing that would make it weird.

It was very nice, a VERY small room, with only 10 people priest included. I did have one question about when the priest distributed the Eucharist. He actually moved around the room to hand out. So it was a bit awkward…I normally kneel and pray the whole time and don’t approach for communion. Half the people stood to receive (half kneeled after half did not), a few received while kneeling, and one lady who sat the whole time did not receive and crossed her arms for a blessing while sitting. When the priest came to me I stood and crossed my arms for a blessing and then continued to kneel. This is the only thing I could think of as it would be similar postures if I had gone up in line, but I prefer to just kneel and pray but thought that would be awkward. Should I ask the priest? Insight anyone?

I used to attend daily Mass and Sunday Mass ALL the time without going to Communion. I did this because I was too scared of going to confession. Well, it finally took me a whole year to go to confession and I started going back to Communion. I also started frequent confession. The pinnacle of the Mass for me is Communion, that is the best part.

You did just find. No need to ask a priest about this, IMIO. If you would prefer to stay kneeling and praying, that will be find also; the priest will get to know you really quick and figure it out. Now, there is nothing bad about asking the priest either.

We have people at our parish who attend daily mass and don’t receive communion. It is not unusual at all.

I wish I could wake up early enough to go daily mass :o

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