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I put this in eastren Catholicism cause wellbthe question is
Id love to go to traditional latin daily masses or eastren rite traditional masses

. I love learning about the other rites.

I want to watch mass daily even though if I lived close enough I would go daily maybe. My local parish does streaming but not daily he is a very awesome preist and very traditional. He even celebrates the latin mass on Saturdays ussaully what would you recommend that is is in full union with rome.


They stream the TLM here daily (click under locations and pick one, though some might be in Europe if you’re looking for Masses said in the US). The FSSP is a wonderful order in communion with Rome.

Out of curiosity, is there any eastern church that does daily Divine Liturgies?

I understand it is not the norm.

My pastor offers daily Divine Liturgy at our sister parish.

My local SyroMalabar parish based in US has Holy Qurbana daily. We employ the Divine Liturgy of Saints Addai and Mari (with words of consecration added in). The original Divine Liturgy does not have the words of consecration. But since the SyroMalabar Church is fully in communion with Rome and we are Catholic we have it added in as per instructions from Rome.

Unfortunately, the weekday Divine Liturgy is in our native Indian language Malayalam. So that’s a bummer for a 2nd or 3rd generation SyroMalabar American or any American in general. English Holy Qurbana is only offered on Sundays.

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If you Do you mind please sharing rhe name id love to watch if it is streamed.

Do you mind sharing the name

Daily Divine Liturgy is not streamed at our sister parish, only Sunday Divine Liturgy.

More in the morning - it’s going for 2 a.m. over here. Good night!

It’s not even possible during Great Lent, as it is part of the fast.

To alleviate the fast, the Pre-Sanctified Liturgy is permitted on Wednesday and Friday.

my parish has wednesday evening Divine Liturgy most of the year, with pre-sanctified during Lent.

The other byzantine parish in town does have a daily DL, at either 11 am or 7 pm, depending upon day, and is livestreaming on Thursday.

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