Daily Meditation - Friday 19September 2008 - WHERE AM I IN THE SCHEME OF THINGS?




[quote][FONT=Arial]Fridays are days of Penance


Friday Obligations

Optional Memorial

Mass Readings & Meditation



Are you ready to serve the Lord and to support the work of the gospel with your personal resources?

[LEFT]During his three years of public ministry Jesus traveled widely.
*][LEFT]The gospel records that a band of women accompanied Jesus and the twelve apostles. [/LEFT]
*][LEFT]This was a diverse group of women; some came from rich and prominent families;[/LEFT]
*][LEFT] some had been prostitutes, [/LEFT]
*][LEFT]and others had been afflicted with mental and physical infirmities.[/LEFT]
We know that Mary Magdalene had lived a very troubled life before Jesus freed her from seven demons.
She was privileged to be the first to see Jesus as the risen Lord.[/LEFT]
*][LEFT] As the wife of King Herod’s chief financial officer, Joanna was a wealthy lady of the court.[/LEFT]
*][LEFT] It’s unlikely that these two would have ever met under other circumstances. [/LEFT]
*][LEFT]What brought them together and united them in a bond of friendship, service, and loyalty to Jesus? [/LEFT]



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