Daily Meditation - Friday 26September 2008 - GOD DOES NOT THINK WITH OUR LOGIC - NOR ACT ACCODING TO OUR LOGIC


Cosmas and Damian

Fridays are a Day of Penance

A Day to pray for all involved in the medical field

including researchers.

The only thing we know about Sts. Cosmas and Damian is that they suffered martyrdom in Syria during the Roman persecution of Diocletian, around 303 A.D. Tradition says they were twin brothers and medical doctors, and have been honored since the 6th century. These brothers never charged a fee for their medical services. Their names are in the Roman Canon of the Mass. This feast is highly celebrated in Italian communities. [/LEFT]

Mass Readings & Meditation




Who is Jesus for you?

*][LEFT]Many in Israel recognized Jesus as a mighty man of God, even comparing him with the greatest of the prophets.[/LEFT]
*][LEFT]Peter, always quick to respond whenever Jesus spoke, professed that Jesus was truly the Christ of God.[/LEFT]
*][LEFT]No mortal being could have revealed this to Peter, but only God.[/LEFT]
[/LIST][LEFT]Through the eyes of faith Peter grasped who Jesus truly was. He was the first apostle to publicly recognize Jesus as the Anointed One whom the Father consecrated and sent into the world as Lord and Savior (Luke 2:11, Acts 2:36). Christ is the Greek word for *Messiah, *the Hebrew wordwhich is also translated as [/LEFT]


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