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Mass Readings & Meditation

Do you know the majesty of God?
*][LEFT]When we ascribe majesty to someone or something, we acknowledge greatness in that person or thing, and voice our respect for it.[/LEFT]
*][LEFT]The miracles of Jesus revealed the majesty of God and displayed his grace and favor, [/LEFT]
*][LEFT]especially towards the lowly and humble of heart.[/LEFT]
[/LIST]But with the miracles
**Jesus also gave a prophetic warning: **
There can be no share in God’s glory without
the cross.

[LEFT]Jesus prophesied his own betrayal and crucifixion. But it did not make any sense to the disciples because it did not[/LEFT]



Sometimes I can have an image in my mind…an image of what a ‘saintly life’ in my circumstances should be, how it should express itself in my life. And I can push and prod, worry and distress…even loose Peace and Joy…trying to make my life and all in it, even my prayer life, fit into those circumstances.

Rather than making a saint of myself, which I cannot do, for only God can make saints, I must let God make a saint of me under His terms and His conditions*** see note below - ( and this can be very difficult, and can constitute even perhaps the major suffering in my life. Letting go of self, and letting God. God desires each one of us to be true saint…far more in fact than we ever could.

I thought this might just make a good discussion for any interested in this thread? There may well be too other reflections on the Readings today.


***Note: Psalm 55 is very informative on this subject here
Very interestingly, David was a ‘murderer’ and an ‘adulterer’ and yet God forgives him and David goes on in Grace to great holiness indeed!!! His whole story makes an interesting read and I will chase up a link to it and Post.
The story of King David commences here HERE
It is quite a long story in Scripture, but it can be read as a story and it does make wonderful reading. To read prayerfully, begin each read with a short prayer asking the guidance of The Holy Spirit and if some word or passage hits you between the eyes, pause and think about it. Or make a note of it to think about at a later point. It can be helpful to copy and paste each reading into Word and that way you can make your own notes howsoever you choose and wherever you choose.


Woops! Got it wrong - and not unusual:o and lost the Edit facitility. The story of David commences in Chapter 16 not 17, HERE


Thank you for these links…God Bless you!


:thumbsup: Thank you, JMJ, and May God bless you and yours also…Barb:)
Deo Gratius


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