Daily Meditation - Monday 29Sept 2008 - FEAST MICHAEL, GABRIEL, RAPHAEL ARCHANGELS - Who are the angels and why do they intervene between Heaven & earth


Mon 29Sept 2008

Full Liturgy and Prayers for Today

[/size]Michael, Gabriel and Raphael

Mass Readings & Meditation


What would you give
to see beyond the visible
**– to "see heaven opened **
and the angels of God"?

*]When Philip brought Nathaniel to Jesus, Jesus did the unthinkable!
*]He brought revelation to Nathaniel
*]– revelation of how God sees each of us individually in the deepest recesses of our hearts
*]where no visible eye can perceive the deepest thoughts and longings we have for peace, happiness, and spiritual fulfillment.[/LIST]Nathaniel was very startled that Jesus knew him so intimately even before Nathaniel had the opportunity to meet Jesus.
*]Jesus knew Nathaniel’s deepest thoughts and his hunger and longing for God.
*]What is the significance of Jesus’ revelation of seeing Nathanial “under the fig tree”?[/LIST]READ ON HERE




If you access the above link and scroll down to “3) Reflections” you will find the following subjects addressed:

*]God’s project is not always as we imagine
*][FONT=Arial]The variety of calls from God[/FONT]
*][FONT=Arial]What is necessary to start a community[/FONT]
*][FONT=Arial]No call is ever repeated because every person is different[/FONT]
*][FONT=Arial]What do the names of the Archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael action translated mean…and why[/FONT][/LIST].


and the homily on the Archangels.


Hi again Water…thank you very much for posting this link. I had problems surfing the AirMaria website and this may be due to my relative inexperience with computers…Barb:)


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